Doctor Who DIY Paper Craft: Coasters and Spoon Rest!

Okay…I’m not sure this EXACTLY counts as a DIY paper craft, but I’m going to go ahead and count it anyway because it includes PAPER! Next week we’ll have one that’s exclusively paper, but honestly…this is almost as cheap as one of those, so we’re going to go with it! This Doctor Who inspired coaster set and spoon rest is great for anyone of any age under supervision (I’ve heard Modge Podge doesn’t taste very good). Anyway, I love Doctor Who, so of course one of the first crafts I designed had to be sort of Doctor Who related, right?! 

Doctor Who DIY Paper Craft

Riddle me this, batman: what Doctor Who geek doesn’t want to see a bit o’ the Doctor every time they make a meal or put a drink down on their desk? I mean seriously.

This craft is also incredibly inexpensive. I paid a total of $5 for 7 tiles and the little feet I put on the bottom of them. I paid $3.50 for the paper pack from this seller on Etsy. She has a lot of really cool paper packs, actually, that look like they’d be great for papercrafting or scrapbooking. I paid about $2.50 to print these at my local OfficeMax since I don’t have a color printer. I paid $5.85 for a discount set of Modge Podges, and used about a quarter of the paper one and a tenth of the high gloss, so like…fifty cents worth.

Total for this awesome crafty: under $10 for the whole set, and I had leftover paper, tiles, and little footies.

So let’s talk about how this DIY paper craft is made! 😀

2015-04-28 16.47.22

Are you ready for these super complicated instructions?! I bet you are!

1. Select your paper and buy your supplies. I got the Modge Podge from Hobby Lobby, the paper from Etsy, the tiles and the feet from home depot and the scissors from my kitchen. I think if I had to do it again, I’d use a razor blade of some sort to get more precise edges. My coasters are plain 4×4 kitchen tiles and the spoon rest is 6×6. They were like .16 each.

2. Cut your paper to size. Once you’ve cut one that fits perfectly, you can kind of use it for a stencil for the rest by lining them up perfectly and just cutting along the same edges.

3. Modge podge your tile and modge podge your paper. Work Quickly! Modge Podge dries fast. I found myself having to do some patch work around the edges.

4. You only get ONE SHOT at laying your paper down, so make sure you line it up correctly the first time! Once you have it laid down, use another tile to kind of flatten it out the best you can. Sneak some modge podge under any edge that is threatening to come up.

5. Give your tile a second and then paint Modge Podge OVER the paper too. It will bubble! Don’t try to correct the bubbles too much as they will go away as the tile dries. I covered my coasters in high gloss Modge Podge to make them extra shiny.

6. Let them dry for at least half an hour before flipping them over and putting little feeties on them.

Mine didn’t come out perfect but I LOVE THEM! The little feeties make them classy and you’ll never see that sort of ugly bottom, either. If you don’t like it, you can always paint it before putting feeties on!

And that’s it! That’s my entire DIY Paper Craft (Doctor Who Inspired). I know it seems really easy…it IS! And you can do it with any sort of paper, not just Doctor Who, if you maybe have something else laying around that you think will look nice on coasters. Enjoy doing this with your kids, too! They can Modge Podge it to death and it won’t really affect anything as long as you don’t rip the paper. I experimented with heavy coats, thin coats, etc and they all came out nicely.

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