Disney Fairies Wooden Toy Box Review

With 200+ sites and thousands of items it can be hard to settle on just one from CSN Stores so it took me quite a while to choose. My toddler’s name means “Fairy Queen” and I initially fell in love with the Disney Fairies toddler bed with canopy:

I still hope to get the toddler bed before my daughter is too big for it, but it has been out of stock for quite a while and sold out fast the last time they had it in! Since I wasn’t able to get the bed, I finally settled on the Disney Fairies Wooden Toy Box for my first review. My daughter doesn’t have her own room yet, but there are a total of eight pieces in the Disney Fairies Collection that would make for an adorable Fairy themed toddler bedroom.

I have actually had this item for quite a while, I will admit I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to put it together myself so waited until I could get a friend to help me out with it. I don’t have people over very often so it did take much longer than I had intended but we finally got it put together. I helped him with it, but it really was quite easy and turned out I probably could have done it on my own too.

The toy box comes in six pieces, plus the bag of hardware. The top and side panels are made out of a 1/2″ thick wood, but the bottom is a thinner fiberboard like what most dresser drawers have. I thought I was going to be able to say everything went smoothly without any problems but when we got to the last bolt that all changed. The last bolt seems to have been flawed and had metal splinters in the threads so we were not able to put it in properly. The toy box is still usable and sturdy, but the one bolt is sticking out on the side until I can get a new one.

The faulty bolt sticking out

The lid has a hinge that stops it from slamming shut, and there is also a handhold so that little hands can easily open and close the box to get at their toys. It measures about 24.5″ long, 13″ tall and 15″ deep so isn’t very large, just the right size for my toddler and her toys. It is also big enough for two kids to use as a bench, and strong enough for an adult to sit on without damaging it. The top, front, and side panels are all decorated with different colorful images of Tinkerbell and her friends so it is super cute to look at if you like fairies too. Each side has a handle so that you can move the box around if needed as well.

My daughter using her toy box as a table

CSN Stores recently added a wish list feature which I was happy to see because they have so many items that I would like to have that it was hard to remember them all. Have you added anything to your wish list yet?