Degree Women® ‘Unapologetically Strong’

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I know a lot of women with an inspirational story, goal or motivation. Whether it’s weight loss, a fitness goal, career aspirations, overcoming illness or organizing a volunteer/charitable effort, I know many women who aspire to something and work hard at it!

Degree Women® – because what hardworking, aspirational woman doesn’t sweat?! – has just launched its “Unapologetically Strong” campaign to celebrate boundary-pushing women and promote its new Degree Women® Clinical Protection deodorant with motionSENSE™ in Cotton Fresh.

Have you ever heard of Erin Andrews? I first saw Erin when Mike was watching NASCAR – she’s a sports broadcaster. But she’s also a Degree Women® spokesperson, and she’s championing the Unapologetically Strong campaign. Here’s her Unapologetically Strong story:

I completely agree with Erin. I sweat. Whether I’m exercising, sitting in a warm room, feeling the effects of a pint of beer or glass of wine (am I the only one who sweats when I drink these two things?!), or presenting to 200 people at work, I sweat. Months before I decided to write about the Degree Women®’s Unapologetically Strong campaign, I tried Degree Women® Clinical Protection, and I can say it keeps me fresh while also helping to control my sweat.

Have you heard of the new motionSENSE™? It’s been out for a little while, and I have tried this as well. Here’s some info about Degree Women® Clinical Protection with motionSENSE™ (and the Cotton Fresh scent):

  • Delivers strong prescription-strength defense against embarrassing wetness and is three times stronger than a basic antiperspirant[1]
  • Features the exclusive motionSENSE™ technology that works when you move. It is the only anti-perspirant/deodorant that is activated by motion first, keeping women feeling constantly fresh and protected
  • Cotton Fresh is a natural, crisp and airy scent with creamy musk and smooth amber

[1] Minimum wetness protection required by the FDA for an antiperspirant

I can tell you that knowing I’m wearing this, I don’t have to worry about underarm issues. Last week I presented to 200 people at work – it was the first time I ever did anything like this. I have taught community college in the past, standing in front of a room full of students for hours each week, but I have never presented in a work setting like this to a group this big! And I gesture a lot when I speak – I’m animated. Knowing my underarms are the least of my concerns (more like my “uh’s” and flushed neck and face!) is a relief. No pit stains for people to stare at when I talk thanks to this deodorant!! LOL

So back to the Unapologeitcally Strong women. The Degree Women®’s Unapologetically Strong campaign kicked off on Wednesday, September 12th with a contest hosted on the Degree Women® Facebook page inviting women to share their own unique and inspiring Unapologetically Strong stories and goals.

By sharing their own stories of their own personal challenges, fans will be entered for a chance to win giveaways from Degree Women® to help on their Unapologetically Strong journey. One winner will also have the opportunity to win the grand prize of $5,000 to spend on achieving their goal – whatever it might be. The winner will have their journey documented on Facebook. The contest runs until 11:59 p.m. EST on September 26, and is open to residents of the 50 American states and Washington, D.C. There’s more details about the contest on the Facebook page.

Personally, my Unapologetically Strong story would be around getting back to distance running. BeautyJudy followers know that weight loss and personal fitness have been something I’ve worked at on and off all my life, especially in the last year as I’ve chronicled my efforts in The Beauty Loser. I ran a 5K in May, a goal for me in my efforts to get back to my half-marathon body and weight. The problem is, I haven’t run much since that 5K. And while I’m still down 20.6 lbs., my weight loss was stagnant most of the summer.

I recently rededicated myself to following Weight Watchers and continuing to lose weight. It’s worked in the last couple weeks. I haven’t added back exercise yet, but I can tell you that I still want to run distances again. I’d like to set my sights on at least the Broad Street Run in Philly in May 2013, but I know I can do something sooner. If I won the $5,000, it would pay for a personal trainer to help me get there and guide me, running shoes and entry into the race. I really would love to do the Disney Half Marathon on January 12, 2013, and the money would then pay for all those things, plus the travel – air and hotel – to get to the race. I really feel like having a personal trainer or someone to help guide me would get me to the finish line – faster and stronger.

This is me today:

Me with Mike:

I aspire to be healthy, and fit. Like this – even though I’m curvy here, too, I was so much healthier!:

I don’t need $5,000 to get there (it could always help) and I am not planning to enter the contest but I wanted to share an example of the kind of story Degree wants to hear. What story do you have to share? What makes you Unapologetically Strong?! Will $5,000 help you get there? Would you share your journey to get there through social media? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, where I will receive compensation for writing and running it. I’m also receiving the deodorant from the PR/Manufacturer. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how keeps it real!