Day 7 of My Whole Foods Challenge: Ketchup, Seriously?! + Giveaway!


Howdy hey ladies and gents! This is just a quick blog update for all of you lovely followers out there. 

Well, the good news is that I’m still alive. WOOHOO LOOK AT ME GO! And — I’ve lost EIGHT POUNDS! Yes, eight pounds in a week…and I still graze like a freakin’ cow.

The bad news is that I went a family reunion on Sunday.

So this, in and of itself, isn’t a bad thing. About six months ago, my biological grandfather passed away. I didn’t really know him, and he lived in Florida, but there aren’t many of the Koch family legacy left so his departure took quite a toll on what’s left of me and my family (it’s just me and my uncle Matt now). So I decided we would go to this funeral since his sister lived in California, it was being held in California.

Long story short, I found a whole BUTTLOAD of Kochs. A TON! They’ve been hiding from me in Orange County, the upper-class area in Southern California. And they were nice, wonderful, accepting people. I thought my family was all…kind of crazy. And while these folks might be kinda crazy, they were in a good way. They hugged, and they love, and they kissed little Winter. So when I got a chance to go to the family reunion, I jumped at it. I’m probably moving out of state in about a year, and they only happen once a year, so it was important I made it to this one.

Here, I found around 3 dozen Kochs. It was awesome! And my uncle Matt and his family (including his wife Linda) were there too, but I pretty much would have felt just fine with all those strangers too. They were pretty freaking amazing.


Winter got a little drunk though. ha!

Winter got a little drunk though. ha!

Anyway, enough about all that. There will be other blogs for that. Y’all know the rules of this diet (if you don’t, go ahead and click yourself right on that link there). One of them is no processed sugars. Ketchup, since it is simply a product of our time, is ALWAYS made with processed sugars…it just is. It is in the GENES of ketchup. Not tomatoes, mind you. Just ketchup.

So being that it was picnic style and all that, we all brought something to share. Hubby and I also brought a cooler of things that we could eat since the vast majority of picnic food is not so whole-foodsy. We snacked on grapes, fruit, chicken without the fried bit, all that good stuff. And, oh – my aunt Linda’s homemade ceviche. Now, I picked up a bowl – she told me it was homemade – and I immediately tasted something way sweet. This soup was seriously delicious, but I looked up some ceviche recipes while I was eating it and I saw it is often made with lemon, lime, and other citrus juices. I chalked up the sweetness to those things…why wouldn’t I just ask? Oh, I don’t know. I’m stupid, I suppose.

So when I did get around to asking – after my second bowl or so – I discovered that my aunt had put KETCHUP in her ceviche.

Oh, so um…that’s why it’s so sweet. My aunty, God bless her Spanish soul-a-plenty, had completely ruined a whole foods soup with ketchup. 

As mad as I was about this, I have to admit I should have known. We, as a people, love to shortcut things. We just do! Especially here in North America. We love our canned cream of mushroom soup and all that. But realize…I looked at six different ceviche recipes, and not ONE had “ketchup” as an ingredient! Why would she ruin such a delicious, healthy dish with ketchup?

I think this is more a commentary on our culture than it is my aunt’s cooking. We don’t think twice about that sort of thing. We don’t go, “oh, this isn’t sweet enough. Maybe I should add some citrus or a bit of honey to get it going,” we say, “oh, this isn’t sweet enough. Ketchup’s sweet, and it’s in my fridge. Let’s do that instead.” It’s just easy. And whole foods eating is easy, too – if you don’t have things like ketchup, processed sugar, and white pasta hanging around. If you do – because you’re not educated or because you choose to eat that way despite the downside – it’s pretty hard to avoid, especially when you’re hungry or you need that extra “kick”. How many times have you put sugar in your coffee or tea? Probably a lot. Because it isn’t sweet enough. And it’s easy to just make it taste the way you want it to taste simply by adding something quick, convenient, and not necessarily the best choice. 

Don’t feel bad if you do this. Honestly. We all do at some point or another, and it’s only this past week I’ve become really aware of how dedicated you have to be to actually eat real foods the majority of the time. I get it. Really. But I’ve just changed. Yes, in a week. A week of no anything-but-what-you-can-cook-and-veggies-and-fruit really changes the way you feel about food. I think it’ll change even more over the next few months…

Especially around Thanksgiving.

So what…do I do…if I really want ketchup?

tl;dr you have two options:

You can make it yourself (check this Paleo site for some great sugar-free options)
You can make it yourself (check this site for some less-than-sugar-free options).

So I gave away a Starbucks card last week. This week, since I’m all down with sweetening things!, I’m going to give away an Amazon Giftcard! I resisted buying a slushie 14 times so that warrants a $15 savings…that I’m passing on to you Enjoy!

Oh, by the way – I feel pretty fantastic. 

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