Day 14 of My Whole Foods Challenge: Here’s How I’m Making it Happen

Today, I am tired. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t get my chores done this morning, take care of the baby, get breakfast done and watch after the animals. A few short weeks ago, this would not have been the case. Don’t get me wrong…I think I’m probably still inherently lazy. However, that doesn’t mean that all of a sudden I can’t do things I couldn’t do before. It doesn’t mean I’m not really rocking life right now.

It’s only been two weeks, but the words “Anthony, can you…” come out of my mouth way less often. Not because he’s not willing to help, but because I don’t mind getting up as much as I used to. Even right now, as I’m typing this, I remember I forgot to pick up my daughter’s toys and I’ve run out of water. I think I’ll go do those things right now. 

That’s better. 

Anyway, I’m still having some really tough days. It’s really hard to quit an addiction cold turkey. There are times I just kind of want to cry a lot still over coke slushies and doughnuts, but for the most part, I’ve gotten past a lot of it by now. I’ve fallen into something of a routine, which is actually my first tip for you. 


We all hate it for some reason. Hey, newsflash: you’re not too old to be spontaneous, but you are too old to just “wing it” with everything in your life (I’m mostly speaking to myself). I realized recently that my “winging it” left me not only hungry sometimes, but unorganized and kind of panicky some mornings. WHO DID THE LITTERBOXES? DID SOMEONE CHECK THE MAIL? WHERE’S THE BABY?

I’m here to tell you that this does not have to be the case, even on your busiest of days. Every night I take 15 minutes to figure out what I’m doing in the morning, and this includes breakfast. If I’m just kinda winging it and eating eggs or something, then that’s fine. But there are many other choices too, and sometimes those are better choices depending on what’s going on the next day (which Google Calendar keeps track of for me). I think this has been my biggest helper through the last two weeks. I’ve just made sure there is something to eat so I don’t stumble down to the fridge in the morning, starving, only to face an Oreo cake that I can’t freakin’ have. Seriously, there is nothing more discouraging than Oreo cake. Nothing.

You’re Not a Person That Does That Anymore

Good Lord of the Rings, try saying that to someone who is a person who does that still. You sound so obnoxious! “Would you like a slice of pizza, Kat?” “No – it’s full of sugar and white flour – I don’t eat that kind of thing anymore.” Oh my gosh, I always feel like I sound “holier than thou”. But it’s not because of anything personal. It’s just because I’m trying to do better things for me, so I have to say things like that to people to convince myself, too. Must. Convince. Self.

Let Yourself Feel Discouraged, But Only for a Second

“Man, I could really use a cookie right now” is not something that has completely exited my mind. Sometimes that word is “pop(soda)” even though I don’t drink it anymore. Sometimes it’s “a break from cooking.” Sometimes it’s “a sugary kick in the butt.” All of these thoughts lead to the same discouraging place. And I let myself go there. I think, “okay, fine. It does suck that I can’t just go eat a piece of white bread with Nutella on it and feel better. It does. It really does suck.” And then I let my feathers get ruffled a bit and I move on. But if I don’t go there first, I can’t move on.

Get Excited About New Stuff

I’ve gotten to try a bunch of new and awesome stuff. That’s been kind of fun because I’ve found some really good recipes, and my husband made muffins yesterday, and they were awesome. It’s kind of a challenge finding ways to make things without sugar, but it’s kind of fun, too. Enjoy the journey, I say.

And When All Else Fails, Remind Yourself of the Facts

There are times when nothing else works, but reminding myself of why I’m doing this whole shindig helps a lot. My journey might be with food, but yours but me with a different addiction, so this particular video won’t work for you. But if you have trouble with sugar like I do, go ahead and give it a watch. 

Pretty powerful 12 minutes or so, right?

Anyway, that’s all I have for you today. Keep a look out for several reviews and giveaways of a different sort this week!

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