Day 1: The Makeup Show Orlando

The Makeup Show Orlando

kicked off its inaugural show yesterday with amazing brands, amazing education and amazing makeup!

I have lots to share with you – I’ve spoken with brands that we know, brands that are emerging, and I sat in on a blogger panel. But in the meantime, I hope you’ll enjoy this brief snapshot of day one!

So – when I talk about amazing makeup, the above photo is a perfect example. My day one photog, Catherine, took this next to the Graftobian booth. Nick of the amazing Wolfe brothers – a.k.a. Evil Twins of FX Makeup – used airbrushing to create a beautiful alien-like creature of a model. Here’s another pic of the body art:

Just as a side note – James Vincent, the director of artistry and education for The Makeup Show and a pro makeup artist – said during Saturday’s blogger preview event that the twins, Nick and Brian, grew up loving horror movies, and turned their passions into dreams come true! I’m hoping to talk with one of them today – theatrical makeup is one of the most fascinating aspects of the industry to me as a consumer.

Body art is one of my favorite things to observe at The Makeup Show. Over at the Make Up For Ever booth, an artist was creating what looked like an evil queen!

Here’s a close-up of her face:

Here’s a photo of her a couple hours after, with more torso makeup:

Isn’t this beautiful?!

One of the things that caught my eye as much as the body art was the glitter. GLITTER!

Amerikan Body Art had plenty of glitter. I do have a separate post to come on one aspect – a new aspect! – of this company, but this was one of the first booths we visited and I wanted to do a sneak-peek!

Check out the glitter tattoo that Amerikan Body Art does (they sell lots of stencils and cosmetic-grade glitter too!). The stencil – a glitter tattoo in progress:

The finished tattoo!

These tattoos last three to five days! The booth was also providing applications of its glitter as eyeliner, so my friend Cat, who was my official photographer, went for it. The staff that applied her liner is holding mini fans in front of her face to help dry it before she opens her eyes!

The eyeliner does come off when you wash your face!


Cat likes makeup, but she doesn’t do things like bling-out her eyes. She loved it and it stayed put, all day until she took it off before bed last night!

I can’t wait to show you why this was one of my favorite booths of the show so far – I have a feeling a LOT of you are going to flip when you see what Amerikan Body Art is making easier for nail polish addicts like you and me…(I know, I’m such a tease!!!)

OK – I’m going to wrap up on just on a personal note…

I got a picture with James Vincent, and I confess when I talked with him I probably sounded a little too fan girl.

The support that he, and The Makeup Show, have for bloggers is something special and amazing.

Here’s me again, with two of my favorite Floridian bloggers, Maria from Cult Nails on the far left, and Kimberly of Libby’s Pink Vanity in the middle:

I feel so blessed to know wonderful bloggers in different parts of the county – heck, the world! – that makes it feel like coming home when I see them. The blogging community is on the whole a very friendly, inviting and supportive community.

Mushy moment DONE. OK. well, maybe not…

In the almost four years I’ve been blogging, I’ve typically done events and shows solo. In summer, my best friend from high school, Linda, went with me to Las Vegas while I attended Cosmoprof 2012. She came to a couple evening events, but she didn’t attend the show floor with me.

For The Makeup Show Orlando yesterday, I mentioned earlier that my best friend from college, Cat, spent the day with me, taking 99% of the photos I have from our day together. I was nervous about what she’d think of the beauty world, and whether she’d judge me when I did a little shopping damage at different booths, haha!

It turned out great – she was amazed at this double life I lead (corporate PR by day, beauty blogger by night and weekend…), she was as fascinated as I am with the industry, and she was excited to try and buy new cosmetic products. It was a really great day, and I am almost relieved that someone close to me in my life has seen this part of my life from the insider’s perspective! And, her photos weren’t bad at all, hahaha. Here’s a photo of me on the right, Cat next to me, and her daughter, my lil’ niece Ava, on her lap (Ava is sporting a T-shirt, my littlest follower!):

I can’t wait to share more with you in the coming days, as well as reviews of products I’ve received as samples and purchased! Have a great Monday, friends!