Day 1 of My Whole Foods Challenge: I Just Want a Slushie + Giveaway


So I figure I’ll check in once a week with this food challenge thing, and let me tell you, day 1 (Monday) was a doozy. It honestly wasn’t bad.

Let’s touch on some good things first since there were plenty of them:

– My husband has decided to join me! We both were 100% on target yesterday.

– I cooked breakfast, lunch, and dinner with enough leftovers at dinner to have 4 individual frozen portions of soup for later
– I didn’t really get hungry all day as we had plenty of little snacks and food to enjoy

But the biggest, baddest thing that I have to conquer: The cravings.

See…I’m a sugar addict, just as much as the next person, honestly. And it’s one of those things you don’t really notice until you try to stop eating sugar.

At every turn there was something I wanted. A Zebra Cake. A donut. A bag of M&Ms.

Oh my gosh I still want a peanut M&M…just one…just oneeeee…. But the worst craving of all was just for a coke slushie. 

I could have almost died just for a coke slushie. Maim me! Just give me a coke slushie! The thing is, I gave up pop a long time ago. I do occasionally have one, but I have no desire to stock it in my pantry or grab one when I’m at the register. I’m good 98% of the time.  But I don’t count coke slushies. I don’t know why I don’t count them. I just don’t. And whenever I can get my hands on one, I drink it. They’re just…wonderful. Once they melt they’re awful, but those first ten minutes are bliss.

And I really, REALLY wanted one yesterday. I know it’s my body’s way of protesting. It’s saying, “come back to the sugar!…we have cookies!…literally!…” Silly body, why do you want things that are so bad for you?
So I spent all day drowning my sorrows in whole wheat biscuits and cantaloupe and the occasional corn chip. I didn’t give into the slushie monster. It was one of the hardest things I think I’ve ever done, like, ever in my very short 25 years on the earth. Honestly, I think the thing that stopped me is that I’d actually have to drive to Burger King or AMPM to get one and I just spent a week in a car and didn’t really want to do that again.

But I got to learn a little something, too. Yeah, typical me, learning things and putting them in my blog posts. I learned that it always gets better, even if it wasn’t so good minutes, hours, or the day before. Today I’m not feeling a craving so much for a coke slushie, and my eggs were super tasty this morning. I also learned that I save serious bucks by not going out and grabbing quick snacks. I estimate that I saved $10 yesterday by not giving into the crap that I wanted (which included a Costco Chicken Bake) and while organic and whole foods are way more expensive than I anticipated (we were starting from I had to buy all those staples, too), I’m still pretty proud of my ten bucks.

So hey! I’m going to give away those ten bucks today and you can buy a drink of your own at Starbucks.  Why Starbucks? Because…well they’re the infamous drink place. I don’t think you can get a coke slushie there but you can get one of those famous pumpkin lattes (which I hope to have a whole-foods recipe for this coming month since I don’t think there’s even any pumpkin in a pumpkin latte). Enjoy!

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