Dawn French, Hamilton and England#LittleLoves

Another Friday rolls around again! The weeks are flying by – I can’t believe Q is three months old now!  Last weekend was pretty awesome.  O went to his friends birthday party on Saturday and was totally spoiled with soft play, the cinema and a trip to McDonalds for lunch!  He has high expectations for his own birthday party in August now though…  Sunday we went out for lunch with some of A’s family – there was 19 of us!  We had a lovely time though.  The start of the week saw A away in London for a couple of nights and Q had his second immunisations.  As you can probably guess, this was pretty awful.  Thankfully, the week has improved since!


I have bought books! I started reading According to YES by Dawn French, yesterday and I’m really enjoying it so far.  Albeit, I don’t get an awful lot of time to sit and read so I’m not very far into it yet.  And I’m quite a slow reader, as my husband likes to remind me, so it may take a while.  I very much doubt I’ll have finished it by next week.


This week I’ve not been watching a lot, other than the usual regular shows.  I’m loving Big Brother so far, but Marco and Laura have really turned my stomach.  Game of Thrones just continues to get better!!!  I can’t express my love for that show.  I’ll be gutted when it eventually ends.  More than I was when Lost ended.  Remember Lost?  *sigh* Ahhh, Sawyer…

Anyway.  I know others often use Youtube videos here, and I’m going to share one with you that I’ve watched a few times this week.  I’ve written before about my love for the stage and when James Corden announced he was going to be hosting the Tony Awards, I was so excited.  I love his show and the Carpool Karaoke videos.  This one is of James and some of the Broadway cast of ‘Hamilton’.  Skip to 8 minutes, 15 seconds and I’m guaranteed to be in tears by the end.


I have made progress in decluttering my home!  I’ve sorted through all of our wardrobes, which was no mean feat, and I’m now progressing onto the stash of cooking magazines I’ve built up.  I have bought a display file filled with plastic pockets so that I can cut out the recipes we use, or one’s I’d like to try, put them in the file and throw away the rest of the magazine which are filled with outdated stories and features.


Of course, England played there first games of the Euros and hubs couldn’t resist buying the new football strip for both the boys.  To be fair, they do look extremely cute.

This week, I’ve finally finished off sorting out my outfit for Q’s baptism.  I’ve got half of O’s outfit, and just need a new shirt and tie for hubs.  Hubs was in London earlier this week and visited the Gap store, where he bought some gorgeous little clothes!  They’ll probably feature here next week…


Absolute Radio is my station of choice and has been for quite a while.  I haven’t listened to any particular albums or anything this week, but do put this station on in the car and around the house.  Today I’m sharing an absolute 90’s choon.

and Lastly…

Tonight, O is going to his Grandma and Granda’s house for a sleepover.  He is so excited!  It’s going to give me and hubs a bit of a break, of course we’ll still have Q to look after but one is easier than two, right?!  We should be able to get a bit of a lie-in too, even if Q does get us up through the night.  This weekend will be filled with family things and I’ll hopefully get to meet my new nephew M who was born last Friday.  And it’s Father’s Day on Sunday! If you haven’t bought your gifts yet, here’s my gift list post 🙂

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