Cult Nails Get It On and Wicked Fast

I’ve shared my five Holy Grail top coats in a previous post, but things are ever-changing in the world of nail polish, aren’t they?!

I’d like to add a sixth top coat to my list of favorites – Cult Nails Wicked Fast. And to that point, the brand’s base coat, Get It On, ain’t bad either!

I’ve been wanting to try Wicked Fast since it came out months ago, but I finally sprung for it when I was at The Makeup Show Orlando earlier this month. I bought Wicked Fast as a duo with Get It On. On the Cult Nails site, this duo is $15, offering a $1 savings when purchased together (they are $8 individually).

Maria told me that Wicked Fast dries quickly, and she loves that the formula is consistent from the time you open it until you’re done. That was the point I wanted to test drive. Because my most-used top coat, Seche Vite, changes into a more goopy formula – getting goopier and goopier the longer I use it.

As you might be able to tell from the usage on my bottle above, I’ve been using Wicked Fast since the beginning of November, and after more than three weeks of consistent use, these are my observations:

  • It dries quickly. It isn’t that almost-immediate dry that I get with Seche Vite, but it isn’t far behind.
  • The formula hasn’t changed. From the first application to the application I did last night, the formula is the same. It’s not runny nor is it goopy. It’s quite perfect.
  • It doesn’t smell funky. And the smell doesn’t change from normal to funky, either.
  • It doesn’t easily wear off my tips. Wicked Fast not only dries quickly, but it offers a longer protection than some of my other favorite top coats. I usually paint the very tips of my nails with a coat of nail polish and then cap it with top coat, to help lengthen the life of my mani. I do my nails at night, when dishes are done and Mike and I are watching TV before bed. The next morning, I usually shower and head out the door for work. The majority of time, with other top coats, the color is worn off my tips by the time my shower is over. But Wicked Fast is pretty tough, and while tip wear does happen, it’s not immediate and it’s not on every nail. Check out this picture of my nails, day 2, after cracking open a ton of crabs:

Yes, there’s tip wear. On day 2, after cracking open tough crabs. This still looks great. Oh, and that’s Cult Nails Bitten that Wicked Fast is protecting!

I loved this so much that I don’t want to run out and not have it on hand (I usually buy my top coat in bulk!) so I ordered two more bottles on Monday! Again, they were $8 a piece. Just like she offers the base and top coats as a set, I hope Maria will consider offering duo sets of either two base coats or two top coats, at the discounted $15 price, as I run through top coat much fast than base coat, and will probably always buy it two at a time.

So that’s Wicked Fast. Wicked awesome!

I’ve also been using Get It On since the beginning of November (I’ve used them together), although I’ve used much less of the base coat than top coat.

In my more than three weeks using this base coat, these are my observations:

  • I like it. It does the job, prevents my nails from staining, and is a good adhesive for my nail color.
  • Formula is consistent on this, as well. No goop here!
  • I need a targeted treatment for peeling nails under it. My nails peel. A lot. I have ridges here and there because of it. Every now and then I start using a base coat that helps. Get It On does the job of a base coat – it’s a strong base for nail color and a good, easy formula, but I’m going to experiment using a more targeted treatment under it to try and help my peels. In the past, I’ve found success with Barielle Nail Camoflauge, Duri Rejuvacote and Seche Rebuild. But eventually it’s like my nails become immune and I have to move on to find the next cure. I’m searching for that next cure now.

So, have you tried Wicked Fast or Get It On? Do you think Wicked Fast is a top coat you want to try? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!