Cult Nails Coco’s Untamed Collection

I’ve been so caught up doing posts from Cosmoprof that I’ve been neglecting other review posts I want to get to! One is my review and swatches of Cult Nails Coco’s Untamed Collection!

The beauty bloggers in attendance at Cosmoprof got to spend some time with Maria from Cult Nails at various times, and it’s always great to hear her talk about how she started Cult Nails, and how passionate she is for her brand. She’s also just a nice, down-to-earth woman who loves polish as much as the rest of us.

Coco’s Untamed Collection is Maria’s daughter’s brain child, and the colors are young and fun. I have to share my favorite polish in this collection first!

Deal With It:

Deal With It reminds me of Ecto Cooler (for those of you who remember Ecto Cooler…). It’s this gorgeous, glowy green with yellow shimmer (it might technically be gold, I don’t know but it looks yellow to me, the way it makes my mani glow!). I wore this polish for the first couple days of my trip to Las Vegas! I figured green might equal winning money … but that logic was flawed, haha.


Untamed, the namesake of the collection, is a bright, bubble gum pink with pink and blue shimmer. After two coats I could still see a big dark stain I sport on my ring finger, so I will need three coats.


Annalicious is a bright cherry red with golden and red shimmer. This is a beautiful red. I love this color in the Cult Nails formula, but it’s not my favorite from the bunch.


Spontaneous is a grape purple with purple sparkle. I wasn’t excited about this one when I ordered the set, but when I swatched it, I couldn’t help but admire my nails. It did dry in a bit of a bumpy manner. I’m contemplating this as the next color on my toes!

 I Got Distracted:

Well, hello! When I wear this, I get distracted, too! Haha. I Got Distracted is a black base packed with glitter. There’s holo glitter, green glitter…it’s absolutely beautiful! Nice job on this one, Coco! In a world full of glitter, this one is pretty unique.

Overall this is a pretty, eclectic collection. The vibe is fun and playful. I Got Distracted and Deal With It are my favs, but I like the girlish Untamed. Spontaneous and Annalicious weren’t my winners, but only because I own a ton of golden shimmer reds and grape purples.

Application on these polishes was fine. Formula was good. Deal With It and Annalicious were the easiest to apply. Deal With It is good in two coats but I did a third because sometimes if I have three coats and a good top coat, my mani will last longer. You’d think that with more polish, it would chip quicker. My nails are weird! Plus, the more coats you have of Deal With It, the more it glows! I was also amazed that the glittery I Got Distracted is so glossy and smooth in my swatches, without top coat!

This collection retails for $50 on the Cult Nails website, or individually for $10 a piece. You can also find the polishes at Overall Beauty for $10 a piece.

So did you pick up Coco’s Untamed Collection? Have a favorite? Share your thoughts below!