Cosmoprof 2022: Orly

Cosmoprof North America Las Vegas (July 14-16) is over now, and I’m finally editing pictures and prepping posts to bring you all the news!

This year, I thought I’d start with one of my favorite meetings and stories coming from the show, with a brand that has an interesting fall collection coming out: Orly.

Let’s jump right into those new releases, shall we?!

Fall 2013 Collection: Surreal

The shades in this collection are so much brighter – and almost “dreamier” than I would have guessed for fall, and I am in love with every single one! Especially Purple Poodle and Angel Rain. Can you tell that Angel Rain has a duo quality in its pearlescence?! Here are shade descriptions:

Pink Waterfall: Pink crème

Pixi Powder: Light purple and gold shimmer

Angel Rain: Light blue duo-chrome

Purple Poodle: Fuchsia duochrome shimmer

Teal Unreal: Teal crème

Digital Glitter: Metallic duo-chrome glitter

The collection launches in September and will retail for $8.50 each. What do you think?!

Instant Artist

A lot of companies are introducing nail art sets to make it easy for the DIY-er to try nail art at home, but Orly has taken it one step further with their water-based nail art kit! If you mess up, wipe it off and start over! They also offer a lacquer-based kit, as well.

The brand is also selling stripers and nail art tools, like a dotter, separately.


Orly introduced the FX line a couple years ago with beautiful duochrome and vibrant polishes. The FX line continued recently with the MegaPixel collection, Orly’s answer to the texture trend that Communications Manager John Galea says looks “highly reflective.” I own one of the Pixels, and I can attest that these have a great sparkle to them!

Also, random tip. Orly’s FX collection is differentiated from other lacquers in the line by its purple, rubberized caps!

Anyway! New and coming NOW are MatteFX polishes, with pretty MatteFX Flakie polish top coats!!! That last photos is a little blurry, but you can see the iridescence in the bottle. MUST. HAVE.

It All Started with Pink

Later the same day I met with them, (I saw Holiday polishes, but I can’t post it yet…soon, friends, soon!), Orly hosted a cocktail reception to commemorate the brand’s new look, and to celebrate its founder, Jeff Pink.

This spring, the brand introduced a new, sophisticated look in all company facets. Brand changes include an updated logo, packaging and in-store displays, a newly designed website, an integrated consumer and trade advertising campaign and a mobile app. Check out its new modular display, and please don’t judge the blurry photo:

Orly told me they spent three years considering how it would rebrand, conducting market research and exploration. John told me, “You have to be open when you hold the mirror up,” and that the new bottle design reflects the brand’s belief that “The color is the hero.” It’s more simply stated to showcase more of the color than a logo. Also important as the brand went through the metamorphosis? Keeping the bottle’s signature, rubberized cap.

To help celebrate the rebranding, the Orly team commissioned a French artist to render a painting of Jeff Pink, founder of Orly, which was done with all Orly-inspired paints.The painting appears prominently in the brand’s advertising.

After a brief video put together by his daughter detailing the history of the company and Jeff’s career (Did you know Orly is named after Jeff’s wife?!), Jeff said a few words:

And then, I got to meet him!

(Photo Credit, Leslie from Work / Play / Polish)

As part of its press kit for media, the brand included its company overview. I’d like to share that with you, so you can maybe learn a little bit more, like I did, about the brand, and the people behind it! You all know – I love a good story!

“When Jeff Pink founded ORLY International in 1975, he was motivated by a simple idea: to innovate natural nail care. By creating leading-edge products and tools designed not only to beautify but to respond to the needs of salon professionals, Jeff Pink redefined nail care and nail fashion. Now, 37 years later, ORLY continues to respond to industry needs with a dynamic color palette of over 150 shades that are completely free of DBP, formaldehyde and toluene. ORLY has also developed a complete line of nail treatments for natural nail growth that includes base and topcoats, strengtheners, quick-dry agents and cuticle care products, as well as nail removers and accessories.

Jeff Pink’s career in the beauty industry began in the early ‘70’s when he opened a beauty supply store in Tarzana, California. He loved to chat with his customers and through those conversations found that nail technicians had very few choices in product lines. They also were not pleased with the level of service they were getting from those few manufactures. The entrepreneur in Jeff jumped at the chance to fulfill a need in the market. He listened and began addressing the needs of the nail technicians. He elicited the help of top cosmetic chemists to create the tools and techniques that would revolutionize nail care. That was the start of ORLY International, which he named after the most important woman in his life, his wife Orly.

Over the years, Jeff and the ORLY team have been dedicated to inspiring beauty care professionals around the world with innovative, quality products. With the invention of the Original French Manicure® in 1976, Jeff brought the first iconic nail look not only to the nail care industry but also to the world of fashion. In 2002 ORLY introduced the patented-designed award-winning ergonomic Gripper Cap™. Sculpted from soft rubber, this progressive instrument ensures ease of opening and flawless application. 

Today more than ever, ORLY’s dedication to innovation is recognized through numerous industry awards.  The American Beauty Association has honored ORLY International with over eleven ABBIE awards, which recognize excellence and creativity in the beauty industry. 

In 2005 Jeff celebrated ORLY’s 30th anniversary and relocated his expanding company to a brand-new state-of-the-art headquarters just outside of Los Angeles. The new building includes the company’s 75,000 sq. ft. corporate offices as well as a warehouse and production facility where ORLY does all of it’s own product formulating, filling, labeling, packaging, quality control and responsiveness.”

What do you think?

So what do you think of the brand’s Surreal collection for fall – isn’t it a bit of a departure from typical vampy shades?! I am really stoked for this. I’d love to hear what you think, and what you might go for when they come out!

At first I wasn’t sure I liked the new bottle logo, but as I’ve bought polish with it, and after hearing more about the impetus and process for change, I think it does look clean and simply stated. And I’ve always been a fan of the Orly cap! The logo does draw your eyes to the color.

What are your thoughts on the new Orly image?

I’ve got lots more Cosmoprof coverage to come …. stay tuned!