Cosmoprof 2022: NYX Cosmetics and a Butter Lip Balm Review

Disclaimer: Press sample. See bottom for more.

In the last year, NYX Cosmetics has become one of my favorite brands. I hesitate to call it a drugstore brand, but I find that the prices are comparable to drugstore brands, but the quality reminds me of a prestige brand.

If you follow my Instagram (@beautyjudy – if you don’t you should!) you know that a LOT of my lip-of-the-day posts contain a NYX lippie. I have a secret (well, I guess not so much anymore!) goal to own EVERY lipstick the brand makes. I’m slowly getting there.

Anyway! While at Cosmoprof North America Las Vegas (July 14-16) last month, I stopped by and chatted with the folks behind the brand to find out what’s recently launched, and what’s coming. Like the new “Love in…” eye shadow series, which is Love in Florence (five shadow palette), Love in Rio (three shadow palette) and Love in Paris (nine shadow palette). These launched several months ago:

I have a couple of the Love in Paris palettes,and one Love in Florence palette (Ulta always has amazing NYX sales, and I’m always taking advantage!). When things calm down for me I will post a review and looks with them!

Earlier this year, NYX launched the Natural and Smokey eye palettes:

The brand is going to introduce two more palettes in this series, Sex Bomb:

And Adorable:Still a take on the smokey and natural eye, but kicking it up a few notches! When I posted these on Instagram at the show, lots of people commented their interest, especially in Sex Bomb! That pop of red color in that palette is so appealing! These aren’t available yet, but they’re coming!

Let’s see. What’s next? Oh, yes! NYX also introduced Pore FIller and Shine Killer earlier this year:

You can actually reapply Shine Killer over your makeup as well as underneath.

Also new this year? Wonder Pencil:

I love this concealer, personally. It’s quick and easy.

And here’s just a shot of one of my favorite NYX products, the Jumbo Eye Pencils:

Milk is a cult favorite base for bold shadows, but I love the lighter, shimmery shades as accent colors in the inside corner of my eye and as under eye liner for eye looks!

And how about some gift ideas? The holidays are coming…(don’t kill me for saying that!):

The “It” List is available on NYX’s website $20 and it comes in different shades; here’s one. The Center Stage set is a collection of Eye Pencils and retails for $20 as well, here on the site.

Sometimes I forget that NYX makes nail polish, but they sell great sets of mini nail lacquers like the loose ones and the “Fall in Love” set. NYX polish sets are $20 a piece on the brand site here, but I don’t see Fall in Love available quite yet! The neons are there!

So, you all know I love my lippies so how about we talk lips now?

One of the most popular new NYX products has been Butter Lip Gloss.

That’s just a total general shot of NYX lippies, because I love them all. I have NOT met a NYX lipstick or lip gloss that I don’t like. The lipsticks, especially, last a long time and come in such a great color spectrum.

Butter Gloss has been so popular, winning an Oprah award, even, that the brand is launching more in the series – Butter Lip Balm and Butter Lipstick! Help me, oh my word! I’m going to go broke.

These are just three of the new lip balm shades. Here’s two more, that I got to try out:

That’s Macron on the left and Marshmallow on the right. Here they are, swatched on the back of my hand. They have a hint of color:

And here’s a lip swatch of Macaron:

Macaron is a nice, subtle coral with shimmer. It’s a gentle shade perfect to pair with the Natural or Adorable eye palettes – even Smokey!

These balms are moisturizing, they apply like – well, butter! They easily slide over the lips. I haven’t sampled all of them, but I imagine some of the pinks and reds are a bit bolder in tint.

They have a very soft, sweet smell to them and provide a light gloss sheen. They wear well for a couple hours, but don’t expect the wear of a lipstick with these, as they are still lip balm.

Butter Balm comes in eight shades and is available on the NYX Cosmetics website here for $4 a tube. I don’t see it yet on Ulta’s website, and I’m not sure if it’s available at those Targets that are now carrying the NYX line. But check it out!

So what do you think of NYX’s recently launched, and upcoming, products?! Do you love the idea of more “Butter” products?! Are you excited to see Sex Bomb and Adorable in person?! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Disclaimer: The NYX Butter Lip Balms were provided to me for review by the PR/Manufacturer. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how keeps it real!