Cosmoprof 2022: Nubar

I found out about Nubar mostly through other bloggers, but notably from a blogger who doesn’t blog anymore. She had long nails, and did amazing Konadicures with Nubar polishes as the base, long before there were other companies producing stamping plates. Her blog was called The NailPhile or The NailPhiles – who remembers her?!

Anyway, over time I grew to love Nubar’s polishes and treatments, like Diamont Seal & Shine. It’s still one of my favorite quick-dry top coats. I love the seasonal collections, although admittedly I haven’t bought one in more than a year. The brand’s Going Green Collection is one of my all-time favorites (click here to read about it from the early days of my blog…please note that a lot of my pictures are gone from the early days, somethign that happened when I transitioned to my own url, which makes me sad ) Nubar also put out some amazing duochromes.

I was fortunate to meet THE Nubar behind the brand at Cosmoprof my first year, that was very cool!

I was happy to reconnect with Nubar at Cosmoprof North America Las Vegas (July 14-16) again this year. So how about some information on what Nubar has coming for the next few months from my visit with the team?!

This is the Eden Collection, which is launching this month!

Nubar’s fall collection, the Wild West Collection, launches in August.

These are all one-coat swatches of the collection, with a side tip swipe of the matte top coat that will also launch with the collection and come with it if you buy it together! One of the women in the booth had one of the polishes already on her digits, two coats:

It had Cactus in the name, that’s unfortunately all I remember! But it’s a beautiful green with a golden shimmer!

And my favorite launch of them all? Alter Ego. This is launching in September.

In the last photo, you can see them swatched alone, and also over black and white in the back row.

Aimee, who took me on a tour of the booth said, “we’re not afraid of color or glitter,” and indeed, Nubar has always impressed me with their palette, color selections for seasons, duochromes and glitters!

Nubar has also launched other items in its nail art toolbox, with glitters, microbeads, stripers and rhinestones among the offerings; some are new some are existing, but they come together to create the brand’s “Nail Art Center.”

All of Nubar polishes retail for $8. You can get it at salons, and through its website (linked to in the opening paragraph).

So do any of these collections excite you?! Which one are you most excited for?! I can not WAIT for Alter Ego!!! I’m not overly excited about the fall collection, although it does feel very “wild west.” The Eden Collection has a few that I love – blues, greens and even the orange!

I’d love to hear your thoughts!