Cosmoprof 2022: Miss (aka, Sation!)

Sation nail polish has exploded since relaunching with a new bottle and logo design, and offering amazing colors and glitters!

I’ve had my eye on the brand since last year, when things really started to heat up. I’ve gone ga-ga for so many of their glitters. We are saturated (and I say that in a positive way!) with unique glitter bombs from so many indie and big brands, but Sation’s really stand out to me!

I was excited to meet with the folks behind Sation’s parent company, Miss, at Cosmoprof North America Las Vegas (July 14-16) last month, and learn more about the brand from the president of the brand himself, Mike Vo.

Miss Pro Nail was started by Mike’s family in 1984, and also offers private label services in addition to the Sation line. Sation has historically been a professional line of lacquers, but the brand wanted to connect more with the end user, especially with social media connecting brands and users on a constant basis.

So, Miss relaunched Sation, creating a unique, ergonomic bottle and cap, improving its formula, and changing to a flat stem brush.

The result? I know I’m not alone in loving Sation and the changes they’ve made to the brand!!

Sation now releases seasonal collections, and has around 200 colors in its lineup.

Check out the brand’s upcoming fall collection, Miss-terranean:

This collection of lacquers will be available in early September. Happy Wine-y People, the first hue on the left, will actually be in August’s Allure Magazine Beauty Bag! So if you get the bag, look out for this!

Next up is a collection of matte colors launching soon:

There will be 12 shades in all – but look at those six! These will launch in fall.

Next up! Winter! The Bed of Roses collection:

Those are tester bottles, so no worries, you will see them in the Sation bottles!

Miss is also working on offering treatments for the nail lover:

I got a sneak peek at testers for the upcoming launch of the brand’s own nail prep and treatment line. There’s a cuticle cream, nail polish remover, cuticle oil, yellow stain remover, nail strengthener and quick-dry nail spray! Everything has a pleasant, lavendar scent and the line focuses on hydration for the nails.

In general, Sation’s polish retails for MSRP $5. Glitters MSRP $7. The nail prep and treatment line is so new, there’s no price yet and launch is “stay tuned!”

Now, how about some glitter pic spam?

I will not rest until I own ALL the Sation glitters! LOL That last photo with the green on the left – I die! The hot pink, black and holo bar glitter?! *sigh*

So what do YOU think of Sation? Have you tried this brand yet? Anything pique your interest for the coming months?! What about those glitters?!?! I’d love to hear your thoughts!