Cosmoprof 2022: Layla Cosmetics is AH-Mazing

I knew that I would not be disappointed at Cosmoprof (held in Las Vegas, July 22-24) this year when I stopped by the Layla Cosmetics booth.

Layla showed off new colors for its Ceramic Effect, Hologram and Magneffect lines, new products called Softouch Magneffect and Softouch Ceramic Effect, and a set of four magnets to complement the Magneffect lines. Oh! and a new line called Mirror Effect. The decades-old, family-owned company was even awarded the Discover Beauty Award at Cosmoprof.

Last year I was blown away by this United States newcomer, which has its roots in Italy. Layla introduced its Magneffect and Ceramic Effect lines last year at Cosmoprof, and now we can find these polishes at a number of e-tailers, as well as Ulta.

This year, the owner and U.S. distributors of Layla also hosted a cocktail party for beauty bloggers the second night of Cosmoprof to mingle with us and share more about the brand. They are wonderful, energetic and kind people, and it makes me love the brand even more.

I will have an overview post reviewing these new items and colors but I wanted to do an overview of my visit at their booth – the nail wheels were just too amazing not to share!

New Magneffect colors:

Layla is expanding its Magneffect line with 12 new colors for fall and four new magnetic designs:

The price point the Magneffect polishes is $15.50 a piece. For the new set of magnets, the price is $15 for the set.

In addition to the new fall colors, Layla is introducing Softouch Magneffect, which retails for the same price:

Softouch Magneffect

Along the same theme, Layla is introducing its Softouch Ceramic Effect line:

These polishes are GORGEOUS. They are caught in between a shiny and matte polish.

There will also be new colors in the original Ceramic Effect line:

There’s also new Ceramic Effects for holiday:

The Ceramic Effect line – regular and Softouch – retails for $9.95.

Layla’s successful Hologram Effect line is getting eight new additions:

Aren’t they gorgeous!? I die. Seriously amazing holos. Do you see those darker colors?! *swoon* These retail for $15.50.

Here’s one of the other new lines that Layla introduced, Mirror Effect:

These are very amazing mirror metallics. Like the Hologram Effect line, these are best applied using the Layla file sold separately to buff the nail prior to application. These WILL show your flaws, polish lovers. But they are worth it. I’m not sure what the price point is on these yet.

The new Hologram Effects and Magneffect polishes should be available in September. Everything else should be available now where Layla is sold – Ulta, and You can find a little bit of all of these now on Ninja Polish.

So what do you think? There’s some really gorgeous polish here – I love Layla’s color. I would love to hear what you think!