Cosmoprof 2022: Kare Co

Disclaimer: Press samples. See bottom for more.

Professional hair tool company Kare Co has more than 12 years of experience in hair styling brushes used in salons; but in May, it launched a line of consumer – and consumer wallet-friendly! – brushes that the brand says will give the everyday person everything they need for getting “salon-worthy hair at home.”

I met with Kare Co while at Cosmoprof North America Las Vegas last month (July 14-16), and I learned all about its consumer line!

In total, Kare Co has nine brushes in its consumer line, and five of those brushes (shown above) are carried by Walmart. The whole line is $12.97 a piece. In total, the line has:

  • a Small and Large Paddle Brush,;
  • Tangle Buster Comb;
  • Oval Vent;
  • Tunnel Vent;
  • 9-Row Styling;
  • and three sizes of Thermal Round brushes.

The brushes have 100% advanced ionic conditioning technology, rubberized surfaces for greater control and anti-bacterial-infused and anti-static bristles. Check out the hold on the handle:

So why would a pro line enter Walmart? Kare Co told me that when you look at Walmart’s selection of brushes, you’ll be able to see the good, better and best ones – and Kare Co stands out with its sleeker design, longer handles, and quality. It’s also at the highest price point, the brand shared; but still. $12.97 isn’t too bad, in my opinion, for a pro brush.

Oval Vent

My interest was piqued with the Oval Vent, which has boar bristles on one side, and nylon bristles on the other. The nylon bristles detangle while the boar bristles smooth hair. Here’s how it looks packaged:

I received this brush for review, and it was the first one I used. And I admit, I tried to use it as was intended and I failed. The nylon bristles felt hard against my head as I brushed, which is weird because they don’t feel that way on the Paddle Brush. My hair is a weird, dry consistency right now and the boar bristles didn’t glide through them, and I had a hard time styling my wet hair with it. I gave up the first time and moved to the Large Thermal, which you’ll see worked out much better for me! I am saving this Oval Vent brush, though, because I think it will work better for me when my hair is shorter, and I can find a way to soften my hair. Because guys, I’m chopping my hair off after the wedding. I’m done with this. It looks awful and fluffy and strange the longer it gets

Large Thermal Brush:

The Large Thermal Brush was the next one I tried. This one is great. I use this every time I’ve gone to dry my hair straight in the last month. Air goes through the body of it, and it dries my hair very quickly. I have great success in getting my hair straight (-ish, because my hair is so naturally wavy and it’s humid here, constantly!) and I love it! The brush emits Tourmaline ions during styling, which create a soft, frizz-free style with less time, according to a press release. While it’s less time, it didn’t completely eliminate my frizz. But I don’t blame the brush on that, because I’ve been experimenting with different products to help reduce my frizz (which has gotten WORSE now that I dye my hair every 6 to 12 weeks) and some work better than others. I think the brush can only do so much with what you’ve got, you know?! This is my FAVORITE of the brushes, and I want to go get the small and medium ones, to handle the different lengths of my hair (shorter bang lengths, etc)

Large Paddle Brush

My other favorite brush is the Large Paddle Brush. I use this before I start blow-drying my hair, to detangle it and get it ready for drying, before I even put product in it.

I also use it throughout the day, if I’m at home (I have a small travel brush for outside the house), and at night. The Paddle Brush is meant to smooth and shape heavy, thick and long hair, but still works great at being a regular brush for my chemically-damaged, thin but frizzy hair!

Here’s a pic of my hair after using the Large Paddle and Oval Vent:

You can see what I mean about my hair texture, right? But this was pretty straight for my hair, I was impressed.

If you want to learn more about Kare Co, I shared the link to the brand’s website in the first paragraph, and here’s the link to its Facebook: Kare Co.

Have you found Kare Co brushes at your local Walmart? What matters to you when you’re picking out a brush? Do you look for certain bristles? Tourmaline bodies? Wood or plastic handles? I’d love to hear your thoughts on brushes!

Disclaimer: The Kare Co brushes were sent to me for review by the PR/Manufacturer. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how keeps it real!