Cosmoprof 2022: Jessica

Every year I look forward to the seasonal collections put out by Jessica Cosmetics. In fact, one of my favorite collections of all time is the Spicy Dreams collection from last fall; there were so many beautiful shades.

This year, when I met with the folks at Jessica during Cosmoprof North America Las Vegas (July 14-16), I found a fall 2013 collection that is as beautiful as last year’s, full of rich hues and shimmery, pigmented shades. Check out “A Night at the Opera”:

 That green on the end has a bit of duochrome to it with blue that you can’t really see in my flash photo. Here’s a photo with my phone that shows the color better, and an up-close shot of the other colors, too:

The fall collection is launching soon. I don’t see them on the Jessica website yet, which is where polishes can be purchased (polishes retail for $8.40 on the site, generally). You can bet I’ll be stalking the site for them!

Also launching this fall is a line call Effects Glitzy. Effects will allow Jessica the outlet for next generation nail fun – like glitters and trendy finishes.

I love the tall, square bottles, and some of the glitters are stunning. Especially in that last pic, the patriotic glitter on the far right and the green third in from the left are beautiful!

Already available is Jessica’s Effects called The Touch Collection:

The Touch Collection is the brand’s texture offering. Polishes retail for $8.30 on the website.

Also coming very soon is a set of 12 pinks and nudes – a palette cleanser, if you will!

For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Jessica is again offering a special polish kit, available in August, with proceeds benefiting

Holiday promises some gorgeous shades, too.

Expect more additions to the Effects Glitzy line, called Go for the Gold – launching in September:

Also available will be “Let It Snow,” a collection of cute little snowman polishes that you can hang on your Christmas tree! The boxes are also decorated with glitter that glows in the dark – just some nice packaging touches!

I really love what Jessica does. In fact, I wish this brand was more readily available in the USA. I asked if Jessica had plans to sell more through retail outlets, and VP of Marketing Valerie told me that the brand has really been focused on the international market, but they’re refocused on trying to come back to the US – stay tuned, she said! With the great pigmentation and formula of these polishes, I would be so surprised if Jessica didn’t find its spot in the USA!!

You can, however, find the brand for sale on the Ninja Polish website.

So what do you think of the polishes you see here? Anything jumping out at you? I gotta have the fall collection, and the Go for the Gold set! They look amazing!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on these polishes – and are you a Jessica fan?! Share your thoughts below!