Cosmoprof 2022: Gelish

I have really resisted the gel polish movement. I tried it once, a couple years ago, for a weekend away in the Poconos (PA) with my fiance’s family.

It chipped after only a couple days, which shocked me, and I had it removed after not even a week of wear. I did have damage to my nails from the removal process.

But one thing I’ve learned in four and a half years of blogging, is to keep an open mind in a lot of beauty products. I recognize that gel polish technology has evolved, and that I went to a so-called “chop shop” and am in desperate need of educating myself about it. Not only as a nail blogger, but as a consumer, too. After all, I don’t want to change my mani during my honeymoon in November, and I’m fully planning on getting gel nails before my wedding day!

With all that said, you can see how I was excited to meet with the company that claims it’s the “original brush-on soak-off gel in a bottle,” Gelish!

During my meeting, at Cosmoprof North America Las Vegas (July 14-16), I learned all about the product, how to apply it, and what color collections the brand plans to launch for the rest of 2013. I learned that it’s under the parent umbrella Hand & Nail Harmony, and founded by the industry-respected Danny Haile.

I saw the current, summer collection, All About the Glow:

And I peeped the LED lights and starter kits:

I learned that Gelish can be cured with LED or UV light, and the difference is the time you need to spend under the light  (I believe you need more time under a UV light than an LED light).

Amy, a brand manager with Gelish who patiently went over the brand and collections with me, told me that Hand & Nail Harmony tested Gelish two years before launching it in 2010. Gelish is sold in more than 90 countries, and the whole process is quick, with only 45 seconds needed under the LED light per layer.

I’ll share more about the application process in a later review post when I try it out for myself. I learned a lot of little tricks for making application easier, and I’m curious to see how easy it is for at-home use.

So how about a peek at upcoming color collections? This is Under Her Spell, for fall:

In that last photo, Amy is wearing the dark, vampy green shade from the collection, I’m No Stranger to Love. Her ring finger has some matte (Gelish matte top coat) accents.

Here’s the brand’s winter collection, The Snow Escape:

One of the Gelish women working the show wore two polishes from this collection, Black Flip on all her nails except the ring finger, which had Sledding in Style.

I got really crap pictures of the Winter Reds collection, which introduces two new red shades for holiday, and there’s also a three-piece set called You Can Make a Difference, for breast cancer awareness, with proceeds going to breast cancer research.

Gelish is also launching “Trends,” which are crafty glitter polishes that can be used as overlays, top coats for nail art or alone.Trends will be updated as the latest runway trends evolve.

We consumers can purchase Gelish minis at Sally Beauty Supply for $14.95. Sally’s has a 72 color rack of Gelish shades. Or, you can go to a salon for a Gelish mani. There’s a salon locator on the Gelish website.

Also, the brand is launching a kit for the at-home Gelish user that will retail for $3.95 at Sally’s, and includes a pusher with tabs to help in the removal process.

I’m really looking forward to trying Gelish, and sharing the experience with you.

Have you ever had a Gelish mani? Would you get a Gelish mani? I think one of the selling points is the ability to use regular nail polish over your gel mani, to change things up, without damaging the gel!

I’d love to hear your thoughts!