Cosmoprof 2022: BH Cosmetics

I was excited to pop over and hear more about BH Cosmetics at Cosmopro North America Las Vegas (July 14-16) because I follow them on Instagram (@BHcosmetics), and the product and look pics they post always pique my interest!

I got the skinny on the brand, and lots of pictures of BH Cosmetic offerings – like the large, 120-pan color palettes in the photo above! – and I’m excited to share it with you!


If you’re a regular BeautyJudy reader, or Instagram follower, you know I love me some lippies!

Imagine my excitement when BH told me they just launched a line of lipsticks! Check ‘em out! My first pic is AWFUL, I could not get lighting to work in my favor:

First photo of the swatches is flash, second is lighting from the convention hall. I didn’t swatch ALL the lippies, just 10 of 12. Guess what I did when I got paid this week? I ordered four of these lipsticks at $3.95 a piece! (There’s a summer sale going on!) They are creamy, and vibrant, and I can’t wait to get my paws on them! Of course you know I’ll be posting lip of the day pics on Instagram.


In addition to the 88- and 120-color palettes, and other palette options, BH Cosmetics recently launched the fun California Makeup Palette Collection:

They come with 16 eyeshadows, three blushes and a highlighter. It’ll be a nice introduction to the brand’s blush and shadows, and I think I ordered BH Malibu! These are currently $8.95 on the site!

There are three palettes coming that I can’t talk about yet, but the brand allowed me to take pictures, and I’ll be happy to share them when the brand is closer to launching these amazing products!

Something else that caught my “eye” in the eye product area of BH Cosmetics’ display? The gel eyeliners. Look at the color selection of these! In the first photo, that’s cosmetic glitters in the back and the eyeliners in the front.

I think I need Rose Gold, Fairy, Garden, Lily, Frost, Night and Treasure, among others that are listed on the site but not shown here (Fresh, Storm, Atlantic).

These retail on the site right now for $3.50, but unfortunately many that I want are out of stock right now.

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These are some of the face products you can get – blushes, primers, foundations etc.

And these are the new blush duos that the brand is launching:

 These blush duos are not out on the website yet, but coming soon!

BH Cosmetics told me the brand turned 4-years-old in April, and generally, all products retail for $20 or less. The brand started with its eyeshadow palettes (the ones featured in the first photo), which really spoke to makeup artists, they told me.

They are currently changing up their packaging to make it easier for the consumer, using a lot more paper/cardboard and magnetized closings.

BH is hoping to move into stores as its next move, and I don’t blame them! I have generally heard great things about the brand, and I’m looking forward to receiving my small order!

Have you ever tried BH Cosmetics?! What jumps out at you?! I’d love to hear your thoughts on BH!

In case you’re curious, BH is on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. (Check out the brand’s website for other social media outlets).