Cosmoprof 2022: A Night of Indies and Bloggers!

Disclaimer: Press samples. See bottom for more info.(Photo courtesy of: Mimi from Makeup Withdrawal)

That up there? That was an amazing first night in Las Vegas for Cosmoprof North America last month (July 14-16)!

I’ve shared reviews and meetings, but I haven’t really shared some of the fun experiences I had outside the official show! So let me tell you a story!

I flew into Las Vegas from Philly that Saturday, the day before Cosmoprof started, arriving around dinner time. I usually have to be sedated to fly, so I picked up a cup of coffee and waited for Krystal from Polish Galore to arrive, so we could cab it over to the Mandalay Bay, where we stayed together! Totally not from that night, but here’s a picture in the Mandalay lobby of me in the front, Krystal in back and Leslie from Work/Play/Polish:

Krystal and I stopped long enough at the hotel to drop our bags, and meet Leslie to cab it over to the casino/hotel where the indie meetup was already in progress.

All these dinner pictures are courtesy of Ninja Polish – thank you! Here’s everyone mingling over dinner, at different tables:

I love this photo of the indie ladies (and Jeannie from Midnight Manicures!) hamming it up!: I am surprised how with-it I seemed at this dinner. I usually sedate myself to fly on long trips! I truly had a good time. I didn’t get to talk at length with a handful of ladies, but in addition to Jeannie, Krystal, Leslie and myself, bloggers Romy from Romy Raves and Katherine from Manicure Addict were in attendance. Indie makers and e-tailers included Ninja Polish, I <3 Nail Polish, GlitterDaze, Liquid Sky Lacquer, Dandy Nails, Girly Bits, KBShimmer, Llarowe and Sealore!

Rhonni from Ninja Polish created these adorable “Blogger survival kits” for us, that included a sneak peek into her upcoming collections, and goodies from other indies, as well! Here’s all the “survival items”:

Everything came in an ADORABLE little Ninja Polish bag that I have been using to hold nail polish for my swatchfests recently!

What is going to make this post epic is that I’m going to swatch the polishes that came in the bag. Well, all but three! There are some KB Shimmer polishes I can’t share yet, and one Girly Bits I haven’t worn yet…more deets as we go!

Let’s start with Ninja Polish!


Shillelagh is a beautiful green with coppery shift. This is available for $11 on the Ninja site, and is part of the Enigma collection.

Glamorous and Passion Shift:

Ninja Polish Glamorous and Passion Shift are part of the Spectrum Collection. Here’s a swatch of Glamorous:

Glamorous is a beautiful blue/blurple holo. It’s out of stock right now but on the Ninja site here for $11, and is part of the Spectrum collection. It’s absolutely stunning and so well pigemented! Here’s Passion Shift:

Passion Shift has an amazing purple/blue shift on TOP of being a holo! IT IS GORGEOUS! Retails for $11 on Ninja site here, but out of stock.

Next up is Fire Opal Dreams:

Fire Opal Dreams is part of the Gemstone Dreams collection. It’s a fiery orange shimmer. Retails for $9, but out of stock. On the site here!

Then there’s another new collection that I’ve already ordered from, in addition to get a sneak peek with Komodo:

Komodo is a sparkly, multichromal beauty that will look great over another polish (but I was swatching for this post to merely share the polish with you, I haven’t had a chance to wear Komodo yet! When I do, I will share with you more!)

But look at the shifts in color – SO BEAUTIFUL! This one is part of the new Dragon Collection, and retails for $11 on the site. It’s out of stock right now but this collection just launched so sign up for those restock alerts!

So those are the Ninjas that were in our survival bags. Next up is my first Red Dog:

A sample of Red Dog’s Neon Summer Sands. I received Coral Beach. Here’s swatches:

I wore this one home from Las Vegas at the end of my trip! This polish looked like a bright orange skin on my nails – very fun and cool. Although they are sold out right now, they are listed as $10 on the website. I’m not sure if they’re coming back in stock.

Next up! Girly Bits had a couple small, adorable bottles of two new colors:

I actually didn’t want to just swatch these, because they are small bottles and I wanted to use them in manis! So I only have swatches of “What Happens in Vegas…Ends up on Facebook,” which is an amazing purple holo with really cool glowy purple glitter:

See the glowy purple glitter?! LOVE. I can’t wait to wear the other polish, Blue Eyed Beer Drinkin Music Lovin Lawyer.

Unfortunately, this polish is sold out. But Blue Eyed Beer Drinkin Music Lovin Lawyer is still available for $10 here on the Girly Bits site!

Next up! My first Dandy Nails

Chilled Down is a pretty white base with gold and blue glitter. This is available on the Ninja site for $9.50 here! I love the color combo of this polish and it was easy to apply.

Serum No. 5:

Twilight Sparks from Serum No 5 is a beautiful green with gold shimmer – with a blue glow, as well. AND, it glows in the dark!!! This polish is SO COOL, and so pretty. I wore it Saturday night, actually! It’s part of the Glowmeleon Collection! It’s available here for either $7 for a small bottle or $12 for a larger bottle. It has a matte finish, but you can use top coat; I did, and it didn’t affect the effect!


All in all, it was an amazing goodie bag, but even more amazing was connecting with so many indie makers. So many are just fellow polish lovers that are crafting things that we go ga-ga for! They are fun, happy and I am so glad I had the chance to meet so many!

I am very grateful for the opportunity I had to try so many indie brands that are new to me (Serum No 5 and Dandy Nails, for example!) and try more from brands I already loved (Ninja Polish and Girly Bits, for example!). I did get to chat with Rhonni from Ninja for a bit, and the size of her heart – well, she’s real, yous guys (the South Jersey/Philly way to say, “ya’all”). THANK YOU, Rhonni, for all you did for us, and for embracing the blogging community. Thanks to all the indie makers for that.

Thanks for sticking with me this far. I know this was an unusually long post, but I was so excited and I wanted to share everything – ALL THE INDIES! lol

And I’ll leave you with one more picture. It was a shot of a view as we were walking back to take the tram to our hotel that night!

So what indie maker would you be more excited to meet?! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Disclaimer: The nail polish in this post was given as a gift from the Manufacturers during Cosmoprof NA LV last month. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how keeps it real!