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This is rather embarrassing for me, but none of my kids know how to tie their shoes and my oldest is 10 years old. I have tried and tried to teach them but we both end up too frustrated and give up. Whenever I am the one choosing the shoes, I make sure to pick out ones that don’t have laces but my Mom seems to like buying them new shoes and always picks out ones with laces. I have asked her not to, but she continues to do it because at their age they should be able to tie them.

I know they should be able to tie their own shoes, but the fact is that they don’t. They have a few books that I have bought that are supposed to teach them to tie, but they didn’t help and my kids still rely on me to tie their shoes. When they come undone they usually just stuff the laces into the shoe, and as you can imagine this doesn’t really work all too well and they end up with laces that have been stepped on and dragged in the mud…and shoes that don’t fit properly because they are undone. I have had teachers at the School mention it to me, but I didn’t know what else I was supposed to do when the kids refuse to try and fail over and over.

Tie Buddies® will revolutionize when and how children learn to tie their shoes. With Velcro and slip-ons the average age of children learning to tie has increased with some children learning as late as 9 or 10.
Tie Buddies® offer children ages 3-9 the independence of tying their own shoes while quickly teaching them a method which is based around characters and stories depicted on the Tie Buddies® themselves. Tie Buddies® first offering includes one design each for boys and girls but rest assured more great characters are to come!

I received a set of blue

Tie Buddies

for this review, but they are also available in pink for the girls. The blue ones have race cars, and the pink ones have fairies and wands. My kids were not able to try these on their own shoes just yet, because the laces on both of their shoes is frayed and you need to be able to lace the Buddies onto it. I did want the kids to try them before writing my review however, so I placed them onto my own shoes just to see if they could tie them. My boys didn’t get it on the first try, not even the second, but after trying for a few minutes they did manage to tie the shoes and after the first time they were able to do it over again with ease. My daughter hasn’t quite got it yet, but we will work on it.

I was amazed at how easy it was for them to figure it out with these chicklet sized Buddies and would gladly recommend these to anyone who has a child that does not yet know how to tie their shoes too! My boys did complain that they thought they were too old for the Racecars and didn’t think they would look good on their shoes (They are picky and said they would like them better if they were black). For that reason I wish I had gotten the pink set instead but I know that most boys probably would enjoy the racecars.

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