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Research has shown omega-3 and -6 to be beneficial for concentration and behavior, improved mood and ADHD in children, all benefits that contribute to a smooth transition back to school. I wasn’t able to try out the NutraSea Kids formula, so I was instead sent a 200ml bottle of NutraSea+D to review.

My Dad used to go on and on about taking different vitamins and supplements, Omega-3 being of the ones that he would mention more often than others. How many of us actually listened to our parents when they insisted we take our vitamins? I know I didn’t really listen to the numbers and facts he gave me, but now that I have read a little more on Omega-3 I see that it really is as important as my Dad made it out to be.


is a manufacturer and distributor of high quality natural health products and an industry leader in omega-3 fatty acids. They are committed to developing dietary health products that improve lives through optimal wellness and disease prevention.

From Ascentahealth.com:
Omega-3 (EPA & DHA) function in the body

– Promotes cardiovascular health
– Reduces inflammation
– Supports mental focus & cognitive function
– Supports positive mood & emotional well-being
– Promotes brain, eye, & nervous system health
– Supports healthy immune system function
– Enhances appearance of skin and hair
– Promotes optimal fat metabolism

More on why you need Omega-3

Overview – NutraSea+D 200 ml

For a healthy heart, brain function and healthy bones and teeth.
NutraSea+D is a pharmaceutical quality omega-3 supplement with added vitamin D3. With a balanced ratio of EPA and DHA combined with 1000 IU of natural vitamin D3 it’s an ideal supplement for optimal health and well-being in a delicious apple flavour.

Ascenta’s unique green tea antioxidant makes NutraSea+D the most stable and freshest tasting product on the market.

Vitamin D Facts

My Review: I took some of this myself and gave 1/2 tsp to my three older kids, and I am sorry but despite the product description I need to say that there is no delicious apple flavor. It was really quite disgusting taken by itself to be honest and would not recommend trying it that way. Thankfully, it can be mixed into salad dressings, pastas, yogurt, or a fruit smoothie and can be taken without the fowl taste being noticed. My kids had a fit after I made them try it and swore they wouldn’t take it again but I was able to sneak it into their foods without them even knowing. It is also available in softgel pill form which I would prefer to have for myself if I decide to continue taking NutraSea+D as a supplement since it does carry many health benefits for my entire family.

Even though we did not like the flavor, I would still recommend this product due to the health benefits it offers.

NutraSea Kids

is available for those of you in the US, and I hear that this one


taste good even by itself. Unfortunately, I am told they are still awaiting Health Canada’s formal approval to sell NutraSea Kids in Canada. Please check out their

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if you would like to find a retailer.