Coming Home-stead: Regrounding, Importance & Thoughts

Coming Home-stead

Vermont. October. Gorgeous. Foliage. Some of the most wonderful people I’ve met. Reconnecting with a friend. Sometimes I have to get away from something to better appreciate it, and other times I need to be away from it to see how detrimental it is to my quality of life. Coming home-stead after the weekend away was an experience in regrounding, importance and some thoughts on society today. If you follow me there and want to be sure you see new entries you can subscribe right over there on the right. It says Don’t Miss a Post! I’m stepping away from Fb again. It wasn’t in my plan for the day but seeing a few things in particular after such a nice, civil, polite, fun, encouraging weekend made the decision in a flash.

Writers Conference

The weekend took me away to an outdoor writers conference in Vermont. I met and worked and mingled with a lot of successful authors, ate fabulous food, sang along (quietly, my voice is horrible) with Celia Evans, and enjoyed the atmosphere. I came home very late last night with a renewed enthusiasm for writing. This morning I walked around the homestead, tended poultry, picked greens and pulled weeds in the tunnel. I’m enjoying a renewed enthusiasm for our homestead. Coming home-stead last night, four deer, a fox and two raccoons in front of my tired eyes, I was eager to get here. Eager to see Steve, to lay my head on my own pillow, and wake up to an extra large mug of hot coffee.


Thanks to Tom’s presentation and one of his books I’ll be out looking for bee trees. I know we have wild honey bees out here somewhere. Did you know the loss of wild honey bees is much lower than beekeepers experience? There are lessons to be learned from wild bees.

Population 60

“Where do you live,” they asked. “In northern Washington County, Maine” I replied, “population 60.” That garnered a few chuckles, several “are you kidding me” wide-eyed stares, and a few words of admiration.  “What do you do there?” Hunt, fish, forage, garden, write, put up firewood… As I ticked off the list of some of the things I do here I was reminded of how much I like this way of life. We’ll have fresh broccoli from the high tunnel soon. We’re already eating a lot of greens and carrots. The first seedling catalog of the year arrived last week – onions and leeks.

Height of the Land

When Maureen, my companion and friend on this conference, learned of how close to Taylor we’d be driving she suggested we make a detour and visit. Taylor was soon to be out of work and would be there. We stopped at Height of the Land, a place that makes you feel like you’re driving on air. If you look out the slightest bit the road has disappeared and all you see is sky, water and land – minus a road.

Broccoli – coming to our supper table soon.coming

I’ve had breakfast and lunch, done a little house work while waiting for the sun to break through the clouds, thought about the personality trends in society today, mixed up three poolish for bread, and had an extra mug of coffee. As I sit here on the loveseat watching an immature American bald eagle gliding in circles over the forest I’m reminded of what’s important to me. I’m going out now to move firewood. We might have so much rain coming this week that we have a flood. I’ll have a rack of firewood ready to chase away the dampness.

What’s important to you these days? I’m genuinely interested in what you have to say.