Clean Girl, Sarita Coren’s Medicine Cabinet – Clean’s The New Black

Have you noticed a difference in your skin and body since you have been using clean products? 

Here’s what changed: I got to know my skin better because being in tune with nature, spirituality, and holistic wellness bared something else—that our skin and body have a story to tell if we listen to them. Lately, the mantra that I’ve been repeating is: my body informs me. So too with my skin and health.

When I get an eruption on my skin, which I do, there are a few questions that I now know to ask.

  • Where is it located? Depending on what part of my face, there is a correlating body mechanism or organ that is sending a distress signal and I’ve got to determine the underlying the message. For instance, if the blemish is located on the sides of my chin, that corresponds to the digestive meridians of my body, according to Chinese medicine. That means that I need to take a closer look at what I’ve been ingesting as well as how well I’ve been eliminating.
  • What have I been using topically that may not be working? Not every natural ingredient agrees with every skin type. Eventually, through trial and error and research, I find out which ones do or don’t. For me, coconut oil on my face is a no no, even though it’s great for other people.

Going all natural is not a guarantee that issues will go away. It’s important to align with your body’s changing needs with lots of variables that are in play. I think it’s good for people to know that so that they’re not set up to give up too early in the switch. You WILL find what works for you with persistence and willingness.

If you had to pick one product from your medicine cabinet that you couldn’t live without what would it be?

Hmmm…that’s tough because I function on intuitive healing and reaching for the treatment that calls to me for myself or my kids. But if I had to pick one thing, I’d say I reach a lot for magical, miraculous Vitamin C at the first signs that immunity seems low. I’ve seen sore throats—that would normally be the precursors to getting sick—heal thanks to its immune boosting properties, and even allergic reactions reverse thanks to the anti-histamine effects. It’s such a simple treatment, yet so effective. I’d say no one should overlook it.

What is a secret home remedy of yours when you are feeling under the weather?

Arnica for sure! For bangs, bruises, and muscle pain—oh yes, with five kids, we get our fair share!—arnica is the best both topically and taken orally as the small homeopathic pellets. I’ve given them to my kids’ school to keep in the medicine kits, that’s how much I swear by it.

I’d like to include another underestimated remedy: castor oil as a rub but also to take internally very sparingly, as needed. Most diseases and poor skin are linked to an unhealthy gut. Keeping the body’s elimination cycles moving is crucial. When someone is backed up, rub their belly with castor oil, cover with plastic wrap to seal it, then add moist heat in a pad or warm cloth. This should gets things moving very quickly! If not, a teaspoon taken internally will help lubricate the process. Then clear the path to the lavatory. (Great for mamas who want to get labor moving too. Always consult a midwife or doctor first, of course.)

Oh! And always keep a bottle of organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar on hand too. Books have been written about the many, many ways you can use this wonder food for everything from digestion to blemish healing to infection fighting. One teaspoon apple cider vinegar in water every morning keeps the doctor away.

What is Your Favorite Natural Health Item Right Now?

Well, I’d say there are two new items that I’m incorporating into my wellness arsenal. One is bitters, used for digestive health, and the other is flower essences, that balance body, mind and spirit. Both operate completely differently but with visible results. If you want to curb a sugar addiction [ahem], a dose of bitters helps reduce the craving, plus aids the digestive process. I’m just at the cusp of beginning my research into this field, so I look forward to uncovering more about it.

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