China Glaze Tranzitions – My Picks

Nail polish does a lot of tricks these days, doesn’t it? It dries gritty. It dries matte. It cracks. It changes color in the sun and with our body temperature/environmental temperatures. Now, we can change our nail polish a few shades with a top coat!

China Glaze released a six-piece collection called Tranzitions, with a repromote of Fast Forward Top Coat. Here’s how it works: You apply a couple coats of polish, and then you only apply top coat where you want it to change into a darker color. It works with other top coats, too. I used Cult Nails Wicked Fast and some CND Effects for a couple of my looks.

Over the course of three days, I did a lot of playing with the three Tranzitions I choose, so here’s what I came up with!

Modify Me:

I used a nail art brush to draw lines with top coat across three nails, then swiped a couple layers of top coat down my ring finger, and added some square studs.

On my other hand, I took a small feather brush and feathered on top coat. It looked cool, but not worth the pic.

I love the color of Modify Me before adding top coat, but I love the nail art look I achieved with this one more! However, when you look at it up close, where I wasn’t careful to apply even coats, the depth of the color change varied.


For this look, I added top coat to the ring and pinky fingers, along with a pink holo Stripe Rite nail art lacquer for accent, but I used CND Effect in Emerald Shimmer for the index and middle fingers. So, I got the darker shade of green, PLUS a green shimmer!

Again, I love the original color of this polish.

Shape Shifter:

For this look, I used two coats of Shape Shifter, then I covered my ring finger in top coat and dabbed dots of the polish on top of that. I did stripes of top coat on my pinky finger. I used CND Effects Anna for the middle finger design, which is supposed to be the effect from a year or so ago that had little hairs in it that I didn’t like (seriously, I threw it out after this mani and I don’t know why I used it – it seems like the little hairs aren’t there anymore, anyway). On my index finger I used two stripes of CND Effect Lavendar Pearl and one in the middle of CND Effect Sapphire Sparkle.

I love using the color-shifting top coats with the Tranzitions!

Anyway, I thought that last mani was a big fail of an experiement, except for the ring finger and index.

Overall, I didn’t care for how the color-change showed up on the lighter colors when I tried to do detailed work, because the amount of polish you used and how many layers you did really made a difference in how clean the change was. I thought it looked great with the darker polish, though.

I hate having to wait for my nails to dry, which I had to wait slightly longer than usual because I couldn’t put top coat all over my nails. (I know, polish blogger problems! LOL) A minor annoyance, though. I was surprised at how well the polish held up on wear, without top coat. I wore each one a day and my manis did alright!

I picked these up at my beauty supply shop, but I can’t remember for the life of me how much they cost!

So, did you pick any of the Tranzitions up? What do you think? Take it or leave it? I’d love to hear your thoughts!