Celebrity Diets and Tips for the Holidays

model detox diet, click here.

Adrianne Curry talks diet, click here.

Amber Valleta Diet and exercise secrets from a supermodel, click here.

Angelina Jolie was accused of taking the miracle pill (click here to read more about the pill)
Click here to read the magazine scan about Angelina Jolie’s diet.

Anna Kournikova Diet and Exercise, click here.

Anorexia caused by “Posh” Jayne Gardham gets down with extreme diet, click here to read.

Avril Lavigne talks about her diet, click here.

Brad Pitts diet, click here.

Brazilian Male and female diet tricks, click here.

Amazing body on Cam Gigandet, click here.

Carmen Electra Talks diet, click here.

Nicole Richie and how other Celebrities did their rapid weight loss, click here.

Christian Bale’s Diet and Workout, unbelievable what this guy can do, click here.

Geri Halliwell takes yoga for her body, click here.

How celebrities do their grocery shopping..
Maybe you are just food shopping wrong?
Click here for grocery shopping tips part 1
click here for part 2.

You have heard About pot “Hemp” for weight loss the celebrities by it by the pound, click here.

One of the most famous diet for celebrities used to be the Hilton Head Metabolism Diet, but I haven’t heard much about it
click here.

Jamie Pressly’s exercise routine is great, click here.

Janet Jackson struggles with weight but when she needs to take it off this is what she said she does, click here.

Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld talks diet, click here.

Katie Homes diet, click here.. she talks very little.

Maria Menounos Diet, click here and exercise.

Marilyn Monroe diet and exercise.. click here.

Marrissa Miller Diet and exercise info.. click here.

Matt Damon diet and exercise, click here.

Milla Jovovich Diet and Exercise, click here.

Celebrity restaurant eating out tips, click here.

Ryan Reynolds Workout, he has an amazing body when he is training, click here.

Shape Magazine scan, click here.

Shape Magazine scan 2 .. click here,.

Shape Magazine scan 3 click here.

Star Jones talks weight loss, and she would know, click  here.

Celebrity Techniques to weight loss , click here.

Click here to read about the read carpet diet

A lot of celebrities use vinager for weight loss, click here.

Your brain and dieting.. click here.

how Jennifer Lopez stays in shape

Jessica Alba’s Diet Secrets

How Maddona Keeps Fit

Jessica Simspon’s Weight Loss Secrets

Lindsay Lohan’s Diet.. LIndsay Lohan accused of taking aderall, click here.

Britney Spears Weight Loss

Paris Hilton’s Diet

Usher’s Ab’s

what Anne Nicole’s Diet was..One recent success story is that of former Playboy “Playmate of the Year” Anna Nicole
Smith. The 37-year-old actress and model dropped 69 pounds in eight months using a popular brand-name weight loss
product, the supplement maker’s Web site claims.

Anna Nicole Smith became the face of the weight loss product after trying the diet pills in April 2003. After a couple of
months, she reportedly lost over 30 pounds and by fall 2003, she had lost a total of 69 pounds and attributed the weight
loss to the diet pills. The Anna Nicole Smith commercials and television appearances showing a much slimmer Smith
immediately turned the weight loss product into the latest diet pill craze.

Anna Nicole Smith took 6 pills a day, the full daily dose of the diet pill. But that wasn’t all she took. She also told the press
that she took a “colon cleanser” laxative that keep her “on the pot all the time” and modified her diet, basically admitting
that it wasn’t just the diet pills that made her weight loss.

Anne was earlier quoted as saying, “I’m a bigger model than everybody else. I guess I’d have to say I’m not a huge model,
but I’m not a thin model either. I’m pushing the way for women that have these curvaceous, womanly bodies….
I love my weight right now.
I’m not hard-bodied, which I never ever want to be, and I’m just soft and yummy!”

Bruce Lee’s workout and diet and more..click here..



Some tips from celebrities on diet,click here.

More celebrity diet and exercise information was added to the following pages I started with A and will be getting to the Zs soon so don’t forget to
refresh this page for updates..click names..Okay first is
Adriana Lima ,Aisha Tyler , Alanis Morissette , Alessandra Ambrosio , Ali Landry , Ali Larter ,
Alicia Keys
, Amanda Seyfried , Amy Smart , AnnaLynne Mccord , Ashlee Simpson , Ashton Kutcher , Audrina Patridge  and last but not least… Avril
Lavigne ..
Celebrity diet and exercise  B .. click names to read more..
Bar Rafaeli, Ben Affleck , Benjamin Bratt , Beyoncé Knowles , Blake Lively , Brandy , Bridget
Hall , Bridget Moynahan ,Brittany Snow ,Brook Burke ,Brook Burns,,
•Ready for the C’s…
Cameron Diaz , Carmen Electra ,Carolt Alt ,Carrie Underwood ,Catherine Bell ,Charlize Theron ,charlotte church , Chili , Christina
Applegate ,Christina Ricci ,Colin Farrell , Courtney Thorne Smith….•
Here come the celebrities who start with D,
Dania Ramirez,Daniel Craig  ,Debra Messing Demi Moore , Denise Richards Denzel WashingtonDiane
Lane Drew Barrymore
Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Elisha Cuthbert, Elizabeth Banks, Elle Macpherson reveals her secrets, Ellen Page, Emily Deschanel, Emmanuelle Chrique
talks diet,
Estella Warren’s secrets, Eva Green, Petite Thinspiration girl Eva Longoria, Latin Stunner Eva Mendes, Evangaline Lilly.
F..fit and firm are the F’s starting with
Fiona Apple’s diet information, then Fergie’s exercise and diet tips, and over 40 thinspiration Felicity Huffman’s
diet and exercise secrets and Faith Hill.
Gabrielle Union, Geena Davis, more for the guys, George Clooney, Gerard Butler, and Giles Marini,  Giada De Laurentiis, and detox recipes and tips to
fasting from
Gwyneth Paltrow.
H ,
Halle berry talks 1, 2, 3.. Hayden Panettiere, Heidi Klum, Heidi Montag, Helena Christensen, Hilary Swank, Hillary Duff.
Only have one I but she can stand alone,
Isla Fisher.
Jamie Pressly, Jada Pinkett Smith, Jennifer Connelly, Jamie Foxx, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jessica Alba, Jessica Beil, Jessica Simpson when she was
skinny how she did it and her exercise routine.
Kate Winslet about dieting, Katharine Mc Phee, Katie Holmes and Keanu Reeves. Keira Knightley, kelly Brooke, Kelly Choi, Kelly Hu, Kenny Chesney,
Kristen Dunst,
Lauren Conrad diet and exercise, Leonardo Dicaprio’s workout, Lindsay Lohan and what she eats.
.Celebrity and Diet Secrets with some favorite recipes of these celebs…
Maria Menounous, Mario Lopez, Marisa Tomei and how she got her stripper
body on,
Matt Damon, One of my favorite supermodels told us how she stays in shape the fabulous Miranda Kerr, Molly Sims, Mathew Fox, Megan
Fox’s workout for the transformers, Mike Vogel, Milla Jovovich talks about pre baby and post baby workout and diet and Milo Ventimiglia’s workout
and diet routine.
Now for Celebrities whose first names start with N.. let’s start with
Nicole Richie, Naomi Cambell, Naomi Watts, Natalie Portman, Natasha Henstridge,
Nelly (it is getting hot in here) Nelly Furtado, Nicky Hilton, Nicole Kidman, Niki Taylor, Nicolette Sheridan.. don’t forget to refresh for more.
Oprah Winfrey Celebrity Vegan Diet Cleanse! Oprah was inspired by Kathy Freston’s book Quantum Wellness to do a 21-day cleanse, to give herself an
“inner makeover.”  During the 21 day cleanse you are to eliminate caffeine, sugar, alcohol, gluten and animal products from your diet.
“This 21-day cleanse gives me a chance to think about it differently and see what my attachments are to certain kinds of foods—and what I’m willing to do
to change. Don’t know if I’m going to feel better or worse, but I’m willing to try to see if my body at least feels differently.”Want to know if Oprah stuck to
her vegan cleanse? Keep reading to find out all about it.
Oprah and her detox diet, orlando bloom, P. Diddy, Pam Anderson and why she has cellulite and how to get rid of cellulite.
For the P’s..
Paris Hilton, Patrick Dempsey, Penelope Cruz, Prince.
Q.. Queen Latifah.
Ready for the R’s
Rachel Bilson, Rachel mcadams, Rachel Wiezs, Rosario Dawson, ryan phillipe, Ryan reynolds, Reese Witherspoon, Renee Zellweger, Ricky Martin,

Celebrity diet secrets come in all types, Here are the S’s, Sandra Bulock, Selma Hayek, Samantha Harris, Sara Evans, Sara Rue, Sarah Chalke,
Sarah Jessica Parker, Sarah Michelle Geller, Scarlett Johansson, Sela Ward, Selita Ebanks, Shakira, Shania Twain, Shaquille O’Neal, Sharon Stone,
Sheryl Crow, Shia LaBeouf, Sienna Miller, Sting and Susan Sarandon.
Here are the rest..
Taylor Diggs, Taylor Swift, Tea Leoni, Toby Maguire, Tom Cruise, Toni Braxton, Uma Therman, Vanessa Hudgins, Victoria Beckham, vida Guerra, Vince
Vaugn, and whitney Port.