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Year’s End Gratitude, New Year’s Goals

When I started this blog, I had two simple goals: to offer practical information on managing conflict and to reach people around Blogging is my new passion the world. I was a newbie when it came to this online blogging stuff. I had a ton to learn just about the technical side of it and even […]

Workplace Conflict Infographic

It is often said that workplace conflict is inevitable. Just how inevitable is it? A 2008 study conducted in Europe, the U.S. and Brazil proves this truism. It says that 85% of employees at all levels experience conflict to some degree. To conclude my series on the manager’s role in conflict management, I created an infographic highlighting some other interesting findings […]

The Secret to Handling Personal Attacks

All that “nip it in the bud and listening” stuff is fine and good with reasonable people willing to cooperate, one of my readers told me. But what do you do if someone lobs a personal attack at you? Click here if the personal attacks are regular and abusive to see resources at the bottom […]

The Manager’s Role in Workplace Conflict

Recently, a reader sent me a question wondering whether managers have a role and responsibility to manage workplace conflict. The short answer is yes, although I’ve had a few managers tell me otherwise. I’m reminded, in particular, of a supervisor who told me that he expected his employees to solve their own conflicts. “They’re adults, […]

Ten Quotes on Conflict, Innovation and Mental Strength

Have you ever come upon a quote and thought, “This speaks to me.” Another person may have said something very similar on the same theme but didn’t grab you. I suspect this is why lists of quotes are perennially popular. I gathered ten quotes on conflict, innovation and mental strength because these are three themes […]

How to Talk So People Will Listen When They’re Upset

You’ve got a critical co-worker…team members attacking each other…a boss who’s impatient with you…an incensed client. My guess is you feel overwhelmed and a little bit scared in challenging situations like these. How can you get these people to calm down, listen to your side of the story or be open to your suggestions? It’s […]

Taking Things Personally

If someone were to hand you a worm and tell you to eat it, would you? Maybe–if you’re a teenage boy–on a dare. Maybe if someone offered to pay you a large enough sum of money. Otherwise? My guess is not. Yet, when you take other people’s criticisms, unkind words or personal attacks personally, it […]

Stop Taking Offense Lest it Give Offense

Earlier this year, a print journal in the United Kingdom–Faith Initiative: Embracing Diversity–asked me to write an article on why people take offense. In future blog posts, I will tell you more about this magazine’s mission and how people are bridging religious differences. Today, I give you the article in electronic form on how taking […]

Shakespearean Insults to Let Off Steam

April 23rd is Shakespeare’s birthday and death date. Well, the birth date is disputed but we’ll call it close enough. What better way to honor the great bard’s life than to let off steam with some Shakespearean insults? I confess I totally stole (ahem, borrowed with permission) this idea from one of my blogging friends, Jeri. […]

Relationships Are A Dance

Inquiring reader’s minds want to know: what do I mean by this phrase which I’ve chosen as my tagline, and what does it have to do with conflict?  “It takes two to tango. It takes only one to make things a whole lot better.”                       […]