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A Day in the Life

7:30 Will the baby go back to sleep? She’s quiet… 7:54 No. 8:06 Morning ablutions with a fussy toddler on my hip. Meanwhile, elder DD has gone into the living room to watch YouTube. 8:10 Checking email while snagging breakfast. One important student email I need to respond to is flagged for later. I grab […]

Dripping Water Homeschool

I have a degree in Elementary and Early Childhood Education. I’ve taught in both public and private schools. I have homeschooled for the last 16 years. I have spent decades studying educational theories and pedagogical practices.  Why then is it so difficult for me to identify and describe my own method of teaching? Is it classical? […]

Sheltered Homeschoolers, by Lynne

A health care professional recently told me that by homeschooling, I was sheltering my children and inhibiting them from experiencing the real world. My older son and I were sitting in this person’s cozy little office for the very first time, so this person did not know us or anything about the way we homeschool.  […]

Pezze e Piselli, by Briana Elizabeth

I am big on plans. I’m not big on following them to the letter of the law, but I do think they help us aim well, and that’s the most important thing. If you’ve followed us for any amount of time, you know I love a good Bullet Journal. Why? It’s inexpensive, it doesn’t need […]

A Legacy….by Brit

There was a time when a man spoke very impatiently to my father. He had seen a copy of the Iliad lying on the table. “You are reading this?” he asked. “I have read it many times. Now I read it to my son.” “But he is too young!” The man protested, almost angry. “Is […]

Calling for Backup, by Apryl

This piece originally ran on May 23, 2014.  Enjoy this Throwback Thursday! Sometimes in the homeschooling journey, we run into subjects we cannot or do not want to teach. Sometimes our children need more interaction with the world at large. Sometimes mom just needs a small break. When these times arise, calling for backup is […]

Sometimes You Must Compare, by Briana Elizabeth

I’ve said it so often myself, as a veteran homeschooler, “Don’t compare! Your child learns at a pace different from everyone else, and it’s an injustice to them to compare how fast they learn!” I mean, isn’t that what homeschooling is all about? A parent having the power to choose what’s appropriate for their student? […]

Scheduling: How to Pull It All Together, by Jen N.

I purchased grade level sets for most of my main curriculum for the last two school years. This year I’m mostly on my own. I inherited a plethora of books from my mom who is a newly retired schoolteacher. Coincidentally, her school covers American history in fifth grade, as we do. If you are a […]

Neuroscience Says: Teach Them Cursive! by Courtney

Many folks these days feel that teaching children to write by hand is, at best, an afterthought. Typing has a higher priority. In fact, in my state students are supposed to be fluent typists by third grade. Many, if not most, public school districts now leave teaching handwriting to preschools, as part of the continuing […]