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Winter Preparations – Working Toward a Comfortable Winter

Winter Preparations Winter preparations have started. It feels like we must be far behind because here it is early October and we haven’t touched a stick of firewood. Steve dropped a few big trees in the new food plot over the summer, and he dragged them to the field between the high tunnels, but there […]

Pileated Woodpeckers in the Woodlot

Pileated Woodpeckers in the Woodlot It’s almost quiet around here these days. We’ve passed the half way point of winter and the sun is up long enough to enjoy a little time outdoors before or after work. I’ve taken to the woods on snowshoe as well as cleated-boots to see what’s happening in the woodlot. […]

Wildlife Observation Tips – How to See More Wildlife

Wildlife Observation Tips I never, ever take the ability to see a tremendous amount of wildlife for granted. Steve and I went turkey hunting this morning. We didn’t see a single turkey but we did see four bears (more later!), a moose, a fox, three snowshoe hare, 100+ red stag and fallow deer and seven […]