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Shopping Ban FAQ

Since announcing that I was going to do the shopping ban for a second year, I’ve noticed an influx of new readers have been asking a handful of the same questions. In case I haven’t answered them in previous posts, I’ve put my answers to all of your FAQs in one spot! Why aren’t you allowed to get […]

Guest Posts and Freelance Writing

Since starting this blog, I’ve been fortunate to receive a number of fantastic freelance writing opportunities. Below is an extensive list of where you can find other content written by me. If you need a freelance writer or content strategist, or think there are other ways we could work together (interview, public speaking, etc.), email me your ideas! […]

Canadian Press and Media Mentions

2014 2014, Nov 12 – It’s Time Millennials Started Talking About Money – The Reply 2014, Oct 29 – How Millennials Can Get Ahead Financially – Kiplinger 2014, Oct 09 – Podcast: Blonde on a Budget Embarks on a Shopping Ban – Saskatchewan Pension Plan 2014, Sept 15 – Thriving in Finance Requires Patience and Humility […]

Cait Flanders

As I mentioned last week, I’m now five months into this yearlong ban on both shopping and takeout coffee. Thank you for being forgiving of the one coffee ban slip that occurred in October. You were all right about the fact that it happened absentmindedly, and I’ve tried to remain conscious of that mistake each […]

The Year I Couldn’t Have Planned For

Every year, I’ve used the same format for my review posts: there’s typically a theme, and then a list of highlights from my finances, career, health and travel. At the bottom, I’ll share the goals I’d set for myself, cross off the ones I achieved and include reasons for all the ones I didn’t. When I looked back […]

The Blog Posts I Loved in 2015

Good morning, friends! I hope you had a wonderful holiday, and got to enjoy at least one day off. I took the 24th + 25th off, then ended up working and writing all weekend, and I truly enjoyed every minute of it. I’m still working on my year in review post, but one theme that […]

It Doesn’t Feel Like Christmas… and Maybe That’s OK

I’ve been trying to get into the Christmas spirit for weeks. In mid-November, much to his surprise, I started recording Christmas movies on my dad’s PVR so I could watch them in December. I also made him get his Christmas tree early (on November 28th, to be exact) and strung around the lights, so he could catch […]

15 Ways to Simplify Your Life (and Finances) Before the End of 2015

We’re nearly halfway through the final month of 2015 and, despite how calm I might seem on the surface, I’ve definitely been experiencing some end-of-the-year stress. I keep thinking about the fact that I haven’t accomplished some of the goals I’d set for myself; the invitations to coffees, dinners and holiday parties seem to be […]

November 2015 Budget & Shopping Ban Update

Care to go on a trip down memory lane with me, friends? As I was working on this post, I remembered that the first budget I ever wrote was in November 2011. Sometimes I hate going back to old posts, because they remind me of different life stages I was in (some not always pleasant to revisit) […]