Buttons Cloth Diapers: A Review & Giveaway!


I first began buying cloth diapers while I was pregnant with my son. My whole stash when he was born was comprised of pockets. In the beginning they were great, they worked great, I really had nothing to complain about. But many cloth diapering parents might tell you that they find themselves curious about other types of diapers, different brands and other methods that best handle all the pee and poop that their tiny human produces. I am one of those parents. 

Over these past two years I have tried several different types of diapers, though right now my stash mainly consists of covers and flats. And one type of cover that I recently discovered are Buttons Cloth Diapers. They are super cute, very well made and very affordable.  My first impressions of the company were very good. When I first contacted them about doing this review and giveaway, they were very prompt and courteous in their response. My package arrived very quickly and seeing as how I am not the most patient person, I truly appreciate fast shipping. Not only was my diaper shipped fast, it also arrived in the cutest packaging! Seriously, how could you see that polka dot paper and not smile? 


This cover is called Thicket. It is a pretty shade of green and covered with leaves. It’s very cute and like most diapers, it’s even cuter in person. Buttons gives you a couple options for inserts but for my one year old I opted to try the large daytime snap-in inserts. They came in a two pack.       


These covers feel nice and sturdy. They are a one size cover and have the rise snaps in the middle to provide a better fit. They also have double gussets around the legs, which give them a snug fit around the legs of babies both big and small.     


These inserts, the large daytime, are made of 4 layers of microfiber and a nice soft layer of fleece to go against your child’s skin.     


The inserts snap right into the cover. Fast, easy, the inserts stay in place. Easy peasy!         


Once your insert is snapped in, you’re ready to go! The insert looks a bit big like this, but there is a smaller option for smaller children. And once the diaper is in place on your baby, the insert fits nice and snug. 


I got the diaper all washed up and time for a diaper change! My son’s favorite thing ever. That was sarcasm, by the way. He very much dislikes diaper changes. In fact, he will run away from me when I say it’s time for one.   


Fits like a dream! These covers work so well on my son, who is approximately 30 pounds. See the cute little button emblem at the top of the bum? That’s Buttons’ logo, which you will find on all their covers. Personally, I think it’s simple and adorable.   


During the warmer months I typically let Aaron run around the house in just a diaper and a t shirt (or just a diaper). But for the sake of the review I put some shorts on him so you can see how trim these diapers are.    


He was not interested in getting his picture taken. He wanted food. 


But see? He doesn’t look like he has a bunch of junk in his trunk. 


My verdict: I am very pleased with these diapers. I would be happy to have a few more of these in my stash aside from the two I already own. One nice thing about covers is that you can reuse the same cover if it has only been peed in. You remove the soiled insert, wipe down the inside of the diaper and put in a clean insert. This makes covers a great option for parents who are trying to cloth diaper on a budget. And I can honestly say that Buttons is a good investment to make if you cloth diaper or are looking to start. You can buy directly from the company here. Their prices are reasonable and their colors and prints are insanely adorable. 

Or you can win one in this giveaway! 

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Review Disclaimer: I received the aforementioned product free of charge for reviewing purposes. The review and opinions given are mine and truthful.

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