Bungee Jump Like James Bond in Switzerland



Live like 007 for a day and bungee jump off Switzerland’s infamous Verzasca Dam, just like 007 did in the opening sequence of the 1995 James Bond movie, GoldenEye.



ne of the highest stationary bungee jumps in the world and undoubtedly the most famous, Verzasca, or Contra Dam as it’s also called, lures flocks of adrenaline junkies and adventure seekers who drive the winding roads of the southern alps to this scenic alpine setting to experience the 007 thrill. Or prove their insanity, depending on your definition of wild.

Why the heck not? This 220m drop towards the rocky river bed below comes complete with a 7.5 second free-fall in extremely close proximity to what is, despite its Hollywood fame and Golden Eye glory, essentially just a bloody mammoth rock-solid cement wall. This one is serious bucket list material… If your must-do-before-I-die list doesn’t have height restrictions or a phobia of your face being spontaneously rearranged.

“Step up to the edge with your toes just over the lip and look at the top of the cliffs straight ahead. Try not to look down…”

Don’t look down?! Just the type of sterling advice you’d expect from someone who didn’t wake up this morning with the intention of throwing themselves headfirst over the edge of an epic precipice, tied to a rubber slim line that despite the promises of highly skilled safety instructors, still looked suspiciously like my dog’s leash. Excellent.

“If James Bond did it, you can too!”

Really? Is that the pep talk? Right. One minute then, looks like I forgot to grab my invincibility smash-proof face mask from the glove box of the Aston Martin I drove here.

Can you tell… As grand an idea as it was, the second I saw the behemoth water-blocker that is the Verzasca Dam, my desire to wannabe-anything that involved having the balls to fly off that thing disappeared… I didn’t actually jump, I’m not the first soul to opt out either. But as I watched those who did manage to soar, or in some cases simply squat and plop off the platform, I was in awe.

It’s bat-shit crazy but if you’re after a breathtaking adrenaline rush it cannot be beaten. Hollywood has spoken; this bungee jump’s appearance in GoldenEye was actually given the gong as the best stunt in film history. Do it, I dare you.

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