Budapest Babes: Our Recent Trip

Ber in Budapest

Our last trip to Budapest, Hungary served many purposes. Though busy, thankfully, I didn’t forget to snap a few photos for you guys!

The prep and the way there was just so classic of us. I was able to make arrangements with the hotel less than a week before we went, then we booked our bus tickets two days before we went, and we packed our bags literally the morning of our trip. We are not always that last minute, but generally that’s how we roll!

The Bus Ride

The absolute cheapest option for us to get there from our place on the German/Swiss border, is via one bus line to Munich , Germany in the afternoon, and then after a few hours layover, via another bus line through the night to Budapest, Hungary.

About an hour from Munich it occurred to me that I actually know someone living in Munich right now. Naturally, I messaged her and asked if she had time and wanted to meet up. Lo and behold, she did, so she and her roommate came and met us for coffee. In the life of a traveler those have to be some of the coolest moments, when meetups like that work out. And especially in the life of an expat, it somehow did my soul good just to sit drinking American coffee and gabbin’ with the girls as if we’d all known each other forever.

The trip through the night was uneventful. I noted that as far as I could tell, the bus was  full of Hungarians except me. I guess most of them were pretty happy to be headed to their native land. Both the people in front of us and behind us, although strangers to each other, chatted with each other and shared food into the wee hours of the morning. The man behind us offered us some M&M’s.

Arriving in Budapest, Hungary

I actually slept pretty well between stops. I could hardly wake up as the bus pulled in to Budapest at 4am, more than 30 minutes ahead of schedule. Our loyal friend, Ber’s best man, actually woke up to meet us. He’s ridiculously committed. Although he’d just arrived home from traveling himself, and is NOT a morning person, he wouldn’t hear of any other arrangement. Since nothing else was open, we hung out in a Turkish pizza shop drinking horrible coffee, eating 5-day-old baklava, and using the wifi. Our other loyal, non-morning-person friend, (and yes, my maid of honor), met us for breakfast before going to work. See why we love that place? (Hashtag it’s the people not the place)

Budapest Babes

We spent the day doing what we do best. Hanging out where there was wifi so we could both work a little bit, and exploring. We visited the ever so photogenic chain bridge, but mainly because it was really close to a cake shop in the area which I wanted to visit. If you’re ever in Budapest, be sure and look Asztalka up. They made multiple cakes for our wedding reception which we hear were pretty tasty!

It was so windy and cold that day, we limited our sight seeing. We checked into our hotel almost as soon as we could. Bear in mind we were still in the same clothes we’d traveled in! Ber worked, I took photos, and just chilled.

In the evening we went to eat burgers with the same friend we had breakfast with, because she’s awesome and we needed every possible minute together. We wrapped up the day in the sauna at the hotel. You can imagine how well we slept in that 5 star bed in that 4 star hotel, after that I-don’t-know-how-many-stars bus ride the night before.

Here’s a couple of my favorite things about Budapest, Hungary:

Bakeries EVERYWHERE, with cheese biscuits and smoked cheese croissants, and so much more. This one isn’t my favorite one or anything, but SO accessible, located in the underground.
As a photographer I LOVE cool signs, doors, and windows. In Budapest, you might as well just keep your camera to your face, because there is an endless supply!
Coffee, Coffee, Coffee. This place is crawling with coffee shops. I only regret how few of them I’ve gotten to try compared with how many there are!

Have you been to Budapest? Ever thought of going there? We have so much more to discover there but we already wholeheartedly recommend it. AND if you want to plan a destination wedding there, contact us, because we just might have a few tips for you. 😉

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Our recent trip to Budapest and some of my favorite things about the city!

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