Bride: Pics and the Story of My Wedding

Good morning everyone!!! I have a very pic-heavy post today, but that’s because I want to invite you to share and relive my wedding day with me!

I have shared with you a few of my wedding-related posts previously –

But this is just the story of one of the most amazing days of my life! I love sharing my life with you guys, so I hope you don’t mind me getting you all up in one of the happiest days of my life!

In November, I married my love.

My Uncle Ed, who is also my Godfather and a Methodist minister, performed the ceremony.

Getting ready was fun! We went to Ulta, my normal salon, to get hair and makeup done. I had a maid and matron of honor, and six bridesmaids, as well as myself. We took over the salon!

My cousin Laurie is a goofball.

All the stylists are hard at work and my sister-in-law Penny stands by!

We rented the bridal suite at a nearby hotel, and I slept overnight in it with my matron of honor, Cat. Everyone came to the suite after our hair and makeup appointments to get dressed and wait for the photographer.

I loved my the holographic accessories, and I made my brooch bouquet:

That purse fell apart before the wedding even started. I will never buy anything from Nasty Gal again, both bags I’ve purchased from them were very cheaply made. Shoes were from Forever 21.

I did my own makeup, and there’s a link to that post at the top of this one!

More on that brooch bouquet:

I made this! I am so incredibly proud of how it turned out!!!

The front is in the first photo and the back, the second photo. Over the course of my engagement, I picked up a couple brooches here and there but the bridesmaids had guests bring a brooch with their gift to my bridal shower, if they wanted, to contribute to the bouquet. I also borrowed a brooch from my cousins to have my Aunt Judy, my namesake, with me that day. She passed away last May.

The bouquet went from a fun, glitzy way of representing my personality (and to save money by not hiring a florist) to being a sentimental addition, full of memories, meaning and love. A little bit of so many people – even Mike’s aunt that I never met (they called her “the Queen”) was represented in that bouquet (the green stone and silver brooch in the back).

It was a bit heavy, it wasn’t perfect, it wasn’t full and luxe with pins, but it was MINE. Of course, you can see on the back that manicured hand pin. I used it to guide me on how to hold the bouquet so the front would always be centered!

I’m a colorful person, so I added tulle in my wedding colors, wrapped the wooden handle with cobalt ribbon, and added bling at the bottom. It was my 11-month-long, engagement project (you know, aside from planning a wedding LOL). I also made the bridesmaids’ flowers. The only real flowers were the groomsmen’s boutonnieres and the flowers we gave our moms at the reception. A friend of the family made the boutonnieres!

Anyway! Back to the day!

Mike and I first saw each other at the hotel, before pictures in a nearby park. We wanted to do outside pictures, and had to do it before our 4 p.m. ceremony so we could have good light. Thankfully, we had a beautiful day for it.

Here we are, about to see each other for the first time.

He had a rose for me when he saw me, and we joked that he was giving me the “final rose,” haha. We’re goofballs, so I decided to have some fun after our mushy moment was over.

After a few shots in the hotel, we went to the park! We continued to keep the vibe light.

Mike and I got a little silly for the camera.

And then we were off to the church to officially get hitched! My dad walked me down the aisle.


When it was over we walked down the stairs of the church outside. The same church I lived diagnolly across from as a teenager. I watched many a Saturday wedding when I was a teenager, and dreamed about that moment I would get to walk down the church steps. It gave me chills when my moment came.

I pointed my old bedroom window out to everyone and told them that truly, the day was a dream come true.

Our photographer, who coincidentally got married in December, was a blast. We photo bombed a selfie he took.And then it was time to PARTAY! Check out our table settings!

Every table had two photos of Mike and I from some point of our six-year relationship, a hand painted table number, fuchsia rose petals and votive candles.

Here’s our sweetheart table.

Our wedding planner, Always a Planner, LLC, took the bridesmaid’s flowers and my bouquet to use as decorations on the table. We also incorporated our furbaby Timmy into the festivities! Our card box was a cardboard cat carrier, and we put out a picture of Timmy and a “letter” from him to our guests Timmy thanked them for coming, said Mike was finally making an “honest kitty momma” out of me, and that in lieu of favors we donated to the animal orphanage Timmy came from.

We had a blast. We entered for our first dance.

And then we danced with our parents, we ate dinner, and we partied!

We cut the cake and politely fed it to each other!

And of all the things that could have possibly gone wrong…for example, my mom thought that the wedding was a half hour later than it actually was, but she came what she thought was “super early” and made it in time…didn’t. The only things that went wrong? There were no bacon-wrapped scallops. They said there were but that was the app we looked forward to most, and we didn’t see a single one. None of our guests reported having any, either. It was a culinary mystery, lol!

And after all the pictures were done, after the ceremony, we discovered my dress wasn’t completely unbustled. So I didn’t get pics of me in my dress in all its glory. Here’s the moment we found out.

OH WELL. If these are the things that went wrong, we had a BLESSED wedding day!!! And it’s just a dress…nothing compares to the emotional, happy day that I had! I married the love of my life and it was an amazing day with friends and family.

And that’s the story of my wedding day! The next day, we hopped on a plane and went to Disney World for our honeymoon. We had a BLAST.

If you’d like to see some photos of our time in Disney – food, rides, goofiness, let me know!

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed retelling it