Blueberry, Butterfly and Freddie#LittleLoves

This week has been and gone in a flash!  We’ve been quite busy this week, more than usual, as I’ve had a couple of appointments to get to and Q’s baptism is only a week away now.  I thought I had plenty of time and had a sudden realisation last weekend that I still had quite a lot I needed to organise!  Today, I’m feeling a lot more organised though as we only have buffet things to sort now.  Hoping for weather like this next weekend as it would be great to have glorious sunshine for using the bouncy castle!


Last week I started reading Dawn French’s new novel, According to Yes.  I’m not going to lie, I’ve not managed to read much of it yet, but have got a few chapters in.  It’s not my usual type of read, but it’s light so far and I’m up for giving it a go.  I also read this great post by Emma at Life According to Mrs Shilts.  I’m off to Majorca in August and have been feeling a little less comfortable in my own skin since having Q.  This post made me think, there’s more to life than stressing about how other people see me and if I am a little more wobbly than I’d like, at least I’ll have made memories with my boys on Q’s first holiday abroad.


I can’t let this weeks episode of Game of Thrones go unmentioned here.  Oh.  My.  Days.  I think I sat on the edge of my seat for the whole hour, watching the majority through my fingers and feeling so nauseous with nerves that I thought I was going to vomit.  But then, that ending.  Finally, Sansa and Theon are given their closure.  Apologies if you don’t watch Game of Thrones – this won’t make much sense to you.  But, if you do, you’ll know what I mean…  Never have I seen a TV programme as brilliant as GoT.  I’m definitely hooked.


O has been learning about symmetry this last couple of weeks at school and brought home this gorgeous painting of a butterfly that he did.  He explained to me that he was only to paint on one side, so that when you folded it over it copied the painting onto the other side so that it became symmetrical.  He then scanned the living room for items that were symmetrical and pointed out the mirror and sofa were both symmetrical objects. Quite impressed with his understanding!


Last week, hubs was away in London and had a little spare time before catching his train home.  He popped into a few of the shops in good old London town and brought back some lovely little clothes for the boys.  I’m in love with this little blueberry outfit from Baby Gap.  Q looks so scrumptious in it!


I haven’t had any stand-out tracks this week…  I have listened to the radio in the car on our trips to appointments, but I honestly can’t remember what I listened to.  I’ve been trying to get a lot done this week, so my head has been pretty full of lists of things I needed to get done, work I needed to finish off and commitments with the blog.  I’m sharing this fabulous Queen track as one of my all-time favourites.  I love the lyrics and the passion that Freddie sang with.

and Lastly…

This weekend, both O and I are having our hair done ready for Q’s baptism.  We’re also heading off to Carlisle Castle on Sunday for their Carlisle Under Siege event which looks really fun!  O can’t wait to explore the grounds.  Unfortunately, I’m having some dental work done on Monday (although I’m looking forward to being able to eat on both sides of my mouth for the first time in 5 months…) so I need to express a feed for Q.  Then next week it’ll be all systems go to make sure I’ve got all my blog commitments and work done by Friday so that I can concentrate on the last minute preparations and buffet for the Baptism on Sunday…  Wish me luck!

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