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Good morning, all!

Hope you’re having an absolute wonderful day. As always, thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to read my blog. I want to start out your day by asking you something:

What are you passionate about?

I profoundly believe that in order to reach personal happiness and self-love, we have to find something that we love to immerse ourselves in; something that makes us jump out of bed excited to start our day. I never really found my passion until later in life. I am passionate about inspiring people. I love to meet new people, hear their struggles, and in some way try to help them or relieve their pain. This is ultimately why I decided to pursue my Master’s degree in professional counseling, and is also why my favorite topics to write on this blog are self-improvement posts. I believe that passion carries us throughout life. I cannot imagine not having something that keeps me chugging along each and every day.

I recently found a blog that I think does an amazing job exemplifying what true passion is. Dana Sibilsky over at is passionate about art and creating in general. I just love this excerpt from her blog about how she defines herself:

“Just as I find it difficult to define the art that I create, it is also quite difficult to define myself. I create works of art, which means that many people refer to me as an artist. I work with clay to create sculptures, so there are people who refer to me as a sculptor. While I certainly do not mind being referred to by a certain title or definition, I could just as easily be referred to as a gardener, writer, landscaper, or carpenter. I am, like every person in this world, many things, so this is simply a meandering way of saying that there are many things that I enjoy, and my artistic endeavors are certainly among those many things that bring a great deal of happiness and meaning to my life.” 

Love is the Language | Joe Daughtridge

Dana is also very well-renowned and talented in her field. Recently, her work was exhibited at the San Jose International Art Apprentice Show! Good for her for following through with what she loves doing and being able to showcase that talent to the world.

The more I read Dana’s blog, it brought me great joy to read all about why art inspires her and why she does what she does. She states in this post about why she enjoys art,

My love for art goes far beyond the aesthetics of a particular piece, as I am far more interested in the intended meaning of the artwork and uncovering what it is the artist is trying to say. In looking at any work of art, it is possible to learn a great deal about the artist and the unique way in which they perceive the world around them. I love the sense of discovery and the discussions that art often provokes, and the experience of viewing or creating is — in my eyes at least — equally gratifying.”

Isn’t that what it is all about in our lives? We all long to feel understood; to imprint our footsteps in this world; to figure it all out. I love that Dana discovers herself while creating and that she mostly enjoys the meaning of art. I also love that she doesn’t define herself by simply one definition. Whether we immerse ourselves in our jobs, our writings, our music; our overall passions, why do we choose to do what we do? Because we feel like we can be open with ourselves and we accept ourselves for who we are. We are constantly creating the person who we want to be and are expressing ourselves through our passion.

Please check out Dana’s blog at Even if you are totally not into art, it’s so cool to read a blog that showcases true passion. I myself am a horrible artist but I have always loved how I feel when I am creating; content, peaceful, and focused. I think it’s so beautiful that Dana has found what she loves doing and shares her talents with the world openly. She is vulnerable by allowing us into such a deep, important part of our lives. Not many people can do that.

What are you passionate about? Please leave me a comment below. Have a wonderful weekend!


You can connect with Dana on AngelList here!

Thanks to Dana Sibilsky for sponsoring this post! I truly love her site and all opinions and content in this post are entirely my own. Photo courtesy of Dana Sibilsky.

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