Big Brother, Jam Pennies and Queen#LittleLoves

O is back at school and hubs is back at work.  Well, he has been back at work, but today he’s at a cookery class to learn about Italian food!  It was bought for him by his parents as a Christmas and birthday gift and I’m really looking forward to trying all the goodies that he brings home.  I think it’ll help in our day-to-day cooking as O loves pasta and we’re always looking to add new dishes to our meal plans.


Last week, I said that I’d buy a book.  I haven’t bought a book *hangs head in shame*.  I would say it’s on my plan for next week, but I don’t want to let myself down again!  I do have a few books on my Kindle to read, like the GoT books, so just need to pin down some spare time!  Most of my spare time (aka when the kids are asleep) is spent blogging, working or cleaning, and it goes much quicker than any other passing hour!


Don’t shoot me… I love Big Brother.  It launched earlier this week and I can’t wait to see how it all turns out!  There are a few people that grate on me already so we’ll see how we get on with that.  The guy who vomited in the garden is definitely at the bottom of my list.  Yuck.


When your kid starts to go to school, parents get asked to achieve some pretty outlandish things.  Well, this week is the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations and the kids are having a tea party this afternoon in Her Majesty’s honour.  O is in Reception and so we, and the other parents of KS1 children, were asked to provide savoury snacks.  What!?  In a bid to make some sort of effort, but not too time-consuming, and without giving in to the laziness of buying a packet of sausage rolls (which I almost did), I took to Google.

Ta-daaa!  I made ‘jam pennies’.  Well, I made jam penny sandwiches.  Apparently, HRH Queen Elizabeth II used to eat these as a child in the palace nursery with her sister, Princess Margaret.  I think they’re only supposed to be one-sided, but I didn’t have anything appropriate to transport them in other than a tupperware box.


This week has been all about the skirts again!  They really are mega comfy.  I even managed to paint my toenails with an OPI varnish called ‘Love Is In My Cards’.  Red is my go-to colour for nails, but I daren’t attempt to paint my fingernails just yet in case I smudge them needing to pick up Q!  Also, loving the new floor we’ve had laid in the hallway – isn’t it pretty?!


We’ve been outside a bit in the garden this week and, whilst listening to the DAB radio, one of my favourite songs of all time came on.  Even O knows all the lyrics to this song.  It’s definitely my go-to song if I’m feeling a bit down and want cheered up.  If you’re ever out on the town or at a party with me, I’ll always request it is put on by the DJ and see the dance-floor fill up.  Even if it is just with me singing at the top of my voice and bouncing around!

and Lastly…

O is off to his friends birthday party at the cinema tomorrow and I plan on catching up with some blogging and work whilst he’s out.  We’re also off out for a big family get-together on Sunday for lunch at a local pub which will be really nice.  Looking forward to that!  Unfortunately, hubs is away for 2 nights next week…  Not looking forward to that.  But hey-ho!  It soon goes in with two kiddies to keep me occupied!