Best Vegan and Cruelty Free Lip Products UK

Vegan & Cruelty Free Lipstick

Although I’m not much of a lippie person these days, just a couple of years ago I had quite the collection of cruelty free and vegan lipsticks, lipglosses and liquid lipsticks. Twitter kept telling me that one day I’d pack up my makeup case in favour of a deeply researched skincare routine, but I didn’t believe it until it happened! I now only own four lipsticks which come out for special occasions, but that’s just the way I like it.

There are a couple of cruelty free and vegan lip products featured on this list that I haven’t actually tried. I’ve put them on here because I’ve either heard great things about them or really want to try them. I’ll make that clear when they come up, too. I’d never write positively on here about something that I haven’t tried and loved myself!

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Vegan Lipstick

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Vegan Lipstick

This lipstick from Illamasqua is slightly different to the one I have. The vegan Illamasqua lipstick I have is their Lava Lipstick in the shade “Rebirth”. I absolutely LOVE it, because you get a unique colour every time you use it. The texture is also really velvety and smooth. It doesn’t last as long as some hardier formulas, but I think that’s something you have to sacrifice for a lovely texture. In my experience, long-lasting lipsticks are great once in a while but have much less comfortable texture and leave my lips really dry.

As their Lava Lipstick is out of stock online it doesn’t show up on searches, which means I can’t be certain that the formula is still vegan. Instead, I’ve picked out the Antimatter Lipstick from their vegan online collection. It comes in the same packaging and has the same great reviews.

This is the most affordable of the lipsticks I’ve listed here, at just £6.99. The texture you get in real life is much nicer than it looks in the swatch online, I promise! I also love that all B. products are vegan and cruelty free, which means you don’t have to ingredient check whilst you’re shopping.

Again, this lipstick will last you a few hours but does need reapplying throughout the day. Your lips will thank you for it, though!

NYX Shout Loud Satin Lipstick is a product that I haven’t tried, so I’ll keep this short and sweet! I picked it out because of it’s consistently amazing reviews online versus it’s low price. You can pick this up in Superdrug for just £8 – when one of my current lipsticks runs out, this is definitely one I want to try. All NYX products are certified cruelty free, and Superdrug’s website confirms that this lipstick is vegan.

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Vegan Liquid Lipstick

Aren’t I predictable! This lipstick has probably appeared on every single list about vegan and cruelty free lip products that I’ve ever made, so why change? This is a holy-grail game changer of a lip product for me. You know I said I have just four lip products in my collection? Two of them are Gosh Liquid Matte Lips. It is such a dream to apply, which is something I often find to be a dealbreaker with other liquid lip products.

I’d always recommend going for a liquid lipstick if you want long-lasting colour, and that’s exactly why I love this. Although it is marginally less comfortable to wear than the vegan lipsticks I mentioned above, you can wear it all night without a smudge or transfer. Gosh’s brand new website confirms that this formula is perfume free and vegan.

This is another product that I loved back in my lippy days. I had it in the shade ‘ravenous’, which was just too dark for me, but if I’d selected a better shade I’m sure I’d still be using this. The formula is much thinner, so harder to apply than Gosh’s Liquid Matte Lips, but it still dries completely to a matte finish that lasts and lasts.

I did find this to be more drying than many of my other lip products, so it is more of a once-in-a-while statement kind of product.

This vegan ‘liquid’ lipstick by Tarte has the creamiest texture. It’s quite thick, almost as though it should be part of their Amazonian Clay range. It comes in a great range of nude, pink and darker shades, although it would be nice to see them modelled on a wider range of skin tones. (Tarte are generally quite reliable for this!) It doesn’t set as dry as the Gosh or B. liquid lipsticks, but this gives for a more comfortable wear and it still doesn’t transfer.

If you can afford the £17 for one of these vegan lipsticks, it would probably be one of my top products on this list as an all-rounder.

*Note that Tarte is cruelty free and certified by Peta, but they are owned by Kose which is not a cruelty free parent company.

Vegan Lipgloss

I love this product for how fuss-free it is. It works like a lip gloss and gives a high-shine finish in three subtle shades, but is also super hydrating. Since taking Roaccutane (a few years ago now) I’ve struggled more with dry skin and lips, so this is one of few lip glosses I can still comfortably use. It contains hyaluronic acid, which has made quite the impression on the skincare scene lately. It’s the new wonder-ingredient for skin hydration, and this vegan and cruelty free lipgloss by Tarte certainly attests to that.

Tarte products are also formulated without gluten, parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, SLS or triclosan, which are all nasties you don’t want on your skin.

Although they’ve been cruelty free for a long time, Anastasia Beverly Hills have only recently started labelling which of their products are vegan online. You do have to visit each product individually, however, it still doesn’t seem like there’s a way to browse vegan products. Most of their holy grail eyeshadow formulas also still contain lanolin, which is vegetarian but not vegan.

This gloss comes in three different finishes: sparkle, metallic or lacquer, so there really is something for everyone.