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Salt in My Soul’ by Mallory Smith really took me by surprise. It
isn’t just the story of a brief, but beautiful life wrapped in journal
style writing, it’s a literary pleasure one can sip like their favored
tea, savoring the sweet aroma of each sentence. It’s beauty doesn’t make
it any less tragic or relatable. It makes it a much more enjoyable and
universal read that anyone could easily enjoy. The world lost a great
writer the day Mallory Smith took her last breath. Luckily, she left
behind this treasure for us to enjoy and learn from, along with many
great environmental works during her freelance writing career.

There are many life lessons in Smith’s words, made wise beyond her
years by chronic illness and the knowledge that her lifespan would be
shortened dramatically by Cystic Fibrosis. Being diagnosed with cystic
fibrosis at age 3 and developing one of the deadliest lung infections a
person with CF could have as a young teen, Smith knew she probably
wasn’t long for this world. She did everything she could to make her
young life count and this journal is part of the legacy she leaves

In her journal, she is sometimes at odds with herself; the dreams and
desires of youth colliding with her illness in unpredictable ways as
she makes her way through her life at Beverly Hills High School, later
at Stanford and finally in her all too brief career as an environmental

During her high school years, she writes often about how she’s not
ready for it to be over, how she feels like she could stay forever:

I think I’m really afraid of
change and the future and I hold onto the past. Every time something
happens, I feel the need to write about it. I always want to have photos
and I’m hugely afraid that Facebook could crash and all of my pictures
could be lost. I don’t ever want to forget anything and it scares me
that things from as recent as freshman and sophomore years and sometimes
even junior year are starting to blur in my memory.

Mallory Smith, ‘Salt in My Soul,’ Pg 20

How at odds with the natural picture of youthfulness we all conceive,
this high school senior desperate to hold on to the beautiful things of
which she is apart. How uncharacteristic for teens to even think of
fading memories or lost memorabilia. What shows through is her desire to
grasp life and hold onto the good things and to show the world that
life one snapshot at a time.

Despite the strict life of treatments and regimens Smith had to
follow from a very young age, she was also a girl like any other. Her
mother was occasionally in cahoots when it came to cute boys, such as
this entry during her pre-college Stanford visit:

…And he was really cute! But I
don’t remember his name. My mom asked him to show us where the gym was,
so he started walking with us and my mom was like “Oops, Mal, I gotta
meet dad, so you guys go ahead and call me after.” Haha. So typical, she
just wanted to leave me alone with him. Wingmom!!!

Mallory Smith, ‘Salt in My Soul,’ Pg 31

You also get an intimate look at what it’s like to have CF, a genetic
mutation which causes a defective protein to interfere with the ability
of sodium to flow in and out of cells. This disruption affects many
parts and functions of the body. In the lungs, it causes our usual thin
mucus to become viscous and sluggish, causing the hallmark symptoms the
disease is known for.

Salt is not an element the body can function without well. Mallory and other people with CF drink salinated water as a means to survive. In ‘Salt in My Soul,’ Smith explains their lives depend on it, as a person with CF could easily drown without the added salt.

If it’s the excitement of a medical drama you’re looking for, there’s
no shortage of drama and intrigue with a condition like CF. Mallory
shares her experiences with a rawness and immediacy that puts you up
front and center during some of her toughest moments.

I woke up from the broncoscopy in a
disoriented and feverish sepsis. Four nurses held me down on the bed as
my entire body convulsed violently and erraticlly, while my fever
quickly climbed from 103 to 104, then to 105, up to 106…

Mallory Smith, ‘Salt in My Soul,’ Pg 27

It’s easy to find yourself rooting for this young woman even though
you know her life has already taken place, so brief, so beautiful, so
full of compassion and love for the natural world which she defended
with her writing.

You get a real feeling for Smith the Athlete, Smith the burgeoning
woman and Smith the patient. Her words are easy to understand, yet
filled with beauty and wisdom. Through the contributions of her mother,
Diane Shader Smith and her friend Talia Stone whose words about Smith
grace the first page of part one, you get a sense of how others saw
Smith, her popularity among her school mates and more than a flash of
what it’s be like to be the mother of someone with Cystic Fibrosis.

One of my favorite things about the book is rather simple. With such
books one might anticipate being left hanging, but Mallory’s mother
continues the story through journaling of her own, walking you through
the complete journey the reader deserves and adding another vantage
point from which to glean understanding and meaning.

‘Salt in my Soul’ is everything I’ve said and so many other things. From the introduction to the very last page, you’ll be hooked on every word. Get your copy now. Available in hardcover, on kindle or audiobook on Amazon or the retailer of your choice.

'Salt in My Soul: An Unfinished Life
 Author: Mallory Smith
 Hardcover: 320 pages
 Publisher: Spiegel & Grau (March 12, 2019)
 Language: English
 ISBN-10: 1984855425
 ISBN-13: 978-1984855428 

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