“Beauty and the Blog”

(Top, left to right: Koren from EnKore Makeup, Elessa from Pursebuzz; bottom row, left to right, Cristina from Let Them Have Polish, Brittany from Clumps of Mascara and Courtney of Phyrra.)

I’m sure when The Makeup Show started in New York City , beauty bloggers were so new they weren’t even a blip on anyone’s radar.

But over the years, we have become a go-to community for consumers who want honest opinions and pictures about the cosmetics and nail polish that they consider buying before they put the money out. The Makeup Show has done an amazing job adapting to this new media, accepting bloggers to cover the show as press, and at The Makeup Show Orlando, invited five to speak in a panel called “Beauty and the Blog.”

As James Vincent, director of education and artistry for the Show, said, “Bloggers are now a powerful presence in every aspect of our lives.”

(James Vincent)

The blogger panel at The Makeup Show Orlando, featuring the popular bloggers/vloggers above, included a discussion on questions and topics that were gathered from inquiries on social media platforms like Twitter before the show.

I was excited to see the ladies above participating, as I’ve followed Brittany and Phyrra’s blog since early on, and have recently discovered Cristina’s – she has beautiful swatches and a wonderful personality. They all do.

Brittany was that blogger I felt comfortable emailing when I first started out asking, “how do you get people to comment? How do you get advertisers?” Legit questions, from a novice, but her advice is so true – it takes time. It will happen in time.

Total side note – I see so many thousands of folks visit my blog, but I only see you comment once in a while! Don’t be shy! I would LOVE to hear from you! Interacting with folks is my favorite part of blogging.

OK! Back to the panel.

James asked the first question. What do the bloggers/vloggers love about blogging?

Courtney said she loves helping readers find their Holy Grail product. Hers? Too Faced Shadow Insurance!

Brittany said she loves the writing – getting to write 500 words about a lip gloss is exciting to her! And I totally get that! She also said she loves the interaction with readers and social media.

Her Holy Grail? Urban Decay Naked Foundation!

Cristina said her favorite part of blogging is…all of it! She loves interacting with readers, receiving the new products and helping indie brands by spreading the word about their amazing products.

Her Holy Grail? Cult Nails Wicked Fast Top Coat!

Koren loves the interaction, as well. He said most followers are visiting blogs to see what bloggers are saying about a product before they buy it, and that people take us seriously!

His Holy Grail? He couldn’t name one. So Embryolisse La Creme and Smashbox’s Photo Finish Primer are top on his list!

Elessa – look at how beautiful she is! – said she loves the interaction as well. A tidbit – Elessa was the first makeup vlogger on YouTube!

She said blogging and interacting is like having a friendship with thousands of followers – it’s like you’re talking with your girlfriend: “Soooo what do you REALLY think about this lipstick?” That kind of thing!

She also said she’s obsessed with microblogging and her Holy Grail is Embryolisse Hydro Mask!

James went on to ask a handful of other questions from social media – like how the has the industry changed, and how has it affected blogging?

Elessa said that blogging itself has changed the industry. Koren said that bloggers/vloggers are now the first line of people bringing makeup lines and products to the public.

One of my favorite questions was about credibility. Should there be credibility and accountability for bloggers/vloggers?

Yes was the unanimous response. Koren said we need to be accountable for what we present to the public, while Courtney said she does her homework before writing a post – whether that means talking with a makeup artist, chemist or esthetician.

All in all, it was a great panel. It ended with the bloggers/vloggers offering advice to those who are considering the creation of their own social media site.

Brittany, who told me this when I started, advised that there is “no magic formula,” except time! Network and get yourself out there – reach out to brands and don’t wait for fans to come to you. Most of all? Believe in what you do!

Elessa stressed the importance of quality pictures and honesty!

I hope to see more panels like this at future shows, events and conferences. It really helps foster an understanding between the blogging community and the industry!

What questions would you ask these bloggers/vloggers? What questions have you always wanted to ask about blogging or the industry in general? What do YOU look for in a good beauty blog?! Share your thoughts below!