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We don’t have cable TV anymore, and my kids have watched all of their DVDs many times so they were pretty excited to get something new to watch! Balloonatiks: The Collectors dvd Set includes the first two episodes of the long awaited addition to The Balloonatiks catalog.

The Balloonatiks

is a


-animated series and merchandise brand, with two paperback books, a series of comics and games and an interactive website. The series features voice talents of renowned actors such as Mark Hamill, Debi


(Jimmy Neutron) and Billy West (


). The theme song is performed by Ray Parker Jr., who is famous for writing the


theme song!

You can find a variety of entertaining features as well as other merchandise in their online store.

The Balloonatiks are were five ordinary teens who are mysteriously transformed into rubbery and bouncy balloons, each gifted with incredible abilities from their unique personalities. The characters include:

  • Flator – the school jock, is able to grow to massive sizes
  • Airbrain – the smartest kid in school, can use his giant head as a hot air balloon
  • Squeeker – the popular cheerleader, uses her high-pitched cheers to paralyze bad guys
  • Sparky – the multi-talented activist, can stop opponents with in their tracks with lightening bolts
  • Bouncer – class clown and food lover, can transform into any kind of ball and bounce to amazing heights

The supporting cast includes Leaky, a frog-turned-balloon mascot; Professor Swellhead, mentor and creator of the Balloonatiks; and Dr. Poppemoff, the evil mad-scientist out to take over Hot Air City.

My boys (9 & 10) didn’t actually enjoy The Balloonatiks like I thought they would. They didn’t really give me a good reason why, but it could be that they are used to watching full length movies with much more action. They were also a little annoyed at how many times the characters used their catch phrase, “Hubba hubba, we’re made of rubber” throughout the show. Either way I thought it was entertaining and my 5 year old liked it a lot. My 18 month old was also laughing quite a bit and seemed to love it! The DvD is only 22 minutes long so is a good one to put on when you need a few minutes to get ready to go out, but don’t have enough time for a full movie.

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