Bake-Your-Own Birthday Cake with Craft and CrumbReview

A while back, the lovely Kate and team at Craft and Crumb got in touch with me asking if I’d like to review one of their Bake-Your-Own birthday cake sets.  I’ve always enjoyed baking but haven’t felt brave or confident enough to attempt a celebration cake yet…  Until now…  O’s 5th birthday!

I chose the ‘Pow!’ design cake as O is really loving all things superhero at the moment!  The kit arrived through the post, well-packed in a sturdy cardboard box and inside were all the things I would need to create the perfect birthday cake for my little boy’s special day.  Everything was individually wrapped and appropriately labelled so each ingredient would be easy to spot.  I opened the box the day before his birthday, thinking I’d be able to make it in 2-3 hours and it would be ready in plenty of time.

I set to reading the instructions and thought I was maybe cutting it fine…  I wanted to have it baked and decorated by the end of the day and it was mid-afternoon – I went a little into panic-mode!  Not to worry though – I got started straight away.

The instructions recommend using an electric mixer and, to be honest, I wouldn’t use anything else since I bought mine!  They really do take the hard work out of it and reduce the amount of time you spend in the kitchen.  All you need to add to the kit is the detailed amount of butter and eggs and everything else is provided for you.  Once the cake mixture is added to the two disposable baking moulds, it can go in the oven.  Now, I had to leave the cakes in the oven for a good ten minutes longer than was instructed, but our oven can be a bit temperamental!  Once they were cooked all the way through, I double-checked them with the skewers provided and they were definitely done.

Once the cakes had cooled, I removed the cardboard disposable moulds (which are amazing – I wish I had more in my life!) and wrapped the two cake halves in cling film, separated with a piece of baking paper.  I put them in the freezer for a couple of hours to make them easier to ice and decorate.

This is where I came into a bit of a sticky point.  I was reading through the instructions in preparation to decorate the cake and found a few things that weren’t clear.  For example, it wasn’t clear when to add the filling to the cake or, indeed, what the filling would be.  So we had to make it up ourselves and use a bit of our common sense and baking experience to fill in the blanks.

The buttercream icing was easily spread onto the frozen cake and whilst I was icing, hubs helped me to cut out all the sugar paste shapes to save time.  The shapes were easily cut out using the cutters provided and placed onto the cake.  I love the design and the bright colours and found the process of decorating the cake quite therapeutic!

O had a great birthday and was amazed by his cake.  He loved the little superheroes that had been added to it too!  We had a few family members visit for O’s birthday and they all complimented the cake.  We sang the traditional ‘Happy Birthday’ song and cut into the cake for the first time… The moment of truth…  It was a fantastic bake, if I do say so myself, and tasted absolutely delicious.  So much so, it was completely gone within a couple of days.

I’d most definitely recommend the Craft and Crumb birthday baking sets; the varied designs are excellent and the quality of ingredients are very good.  I’d definitely consider using them for a bake-your-own cake in the future!

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