Baby, You Were Always the Plan | Babymoon in Mallorca, Spain

Babymoon in Mallorca, Spain

For better or for worse Ber and I aren’t really the best longterm planners. But some of our best memories have definitely been made from spontaneous planning.

Since I’m expecting our first baby, (sure why don’t I just throw that in there nonchalantly like it’s not the biggest life change either of us have ever experienced and may ever experience), we dubbed this spontaneous trip to Mallorca, Spain, our babymoon.

Although we all know if we get the chance to travel again before baby comes, we’ll probably call it babymoon 2.0 or something like that. Truth be told it was the beach and the cheap tickets we just couldn’t pass up.

The Highlights

It turned out to be just what we were hoping for. We stole these couple of days away in order to do absolutely nothing. And that’s exactly what we did.

Even though this was my first crowded beach experience, the convenience of our hotel being less than a five minute walk from the beach, the sunshine, and of course the sea (!) definitely worked together to make sure we had a great time.

Baby enjoyed our meal of fresh fish and roasted potatoes the most. Child, you will never doubt your ancestry if you are half the food lover your dad and I are.

Baby, you were *always* the plan

Speaking of baby (Because apparently I can’t just act like this tiny baby isn’t the single biggest life change we will experience/are experiencing), you can not fathom how much of a dream come true this tiny traveler is for both of us.

Kids have been pretty much the ONLY thing we have planned from the beginning for the long term. Not that we had planned when or where from the beginning, because that would have taxed our long term planning skills beyond what we seem to be able. But babies were never a question. They were barely a discussion except for wondering out loud how many we’ll end up having. In some ways Ber and I couldn’t be more different, but in this one area, we have a shared obsession. (Number is still to be determined, obviously, so don’t freak out yet.)

We’re happy in some ways that life gave us this gift of a couple years alone together. We were able to do some more traveling and build our friendship to what it is today.

But at no moment have I ever been that gal who says, let’s just try to experience more of life first. I basically figured growing a life inside me would be experiencing life. Travel and adventure has never filled that void for me like it has for some women I know, nor has anything in life made me doubt how much I wanted to be a mom.

(Okay, a few babysitting jobs may have, but very briefly.)

This is just the way things worked out, and I’m grateful. Mostly because I think if I can’t appreciate the experiences God has given me in this life until now, I’ll not be able to appreciate the season of motherhood either. Each season has its incredible perks and I definitely think the word adventure describes them all.

Travel and Blogging?

Travel is naturally still part of our tentative future plans. I’m thankful that different seasons can share some overlap. Super thankful for a husband who agrees that travel can be good for kids while also agreeing a home and a safe place is just as important.

I intend to keep blogging and am now taking name suggestions. If you don’t like “The Runaway Bride and Brood” then you best put your thinking cap on and help me come up with something better!

An Evening in Palma, Mallorca

Back to our normal programming, here’s more about the babymoon. Mallorca is a Spanish Island and the biggest city is called Palma. We spent two and a half days there all together (three nights). One evening we went into downtown Palma and really enjoyed the atmosphere, architecture, and greenery to be found there.

Food was around the same price it is here in Germany. We saved a little by eating breakfast and dinner at our hotel. That food wasn’t anything to write home about but afforded us that really good meal of fresh fish and potatoes I mentioned earlier. Gotta pinch those pennies people! Babies aren’t born with diapers on!

Whether you’ve got plans for this summer which you made three years ago, or if you just bought tickets yesterday and you leave tomorrow– I’d love to hear about your summer adventures!

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Babymoon Mallorca Spain