Azature Nail Polish

Disclaimer: Purchased by me.

Have you heard about the world’s most expensive nail polish? The one made of 267 karats of black diamonds? Worn by Kelly Osbourne and Britney Spears? I think it costs a quarter of a million dollars or so.

If you haven’t, I introduce to you the original Azature black diamond nail polish:

Quite an unassuming bottle of nail polish for having that much value!!!

Since the Azature line launched last August, the brand has introduced a much more affordable line of polish that still incorporates the black diamond – there’s one in every bottle. These polishes retail for $25.

At IBS New York a couple weeks ago, I met Azature himself, a jewelry atelier, and he told me a little bit about how he started making this unique nail polish.

His family has been in the fine jewelry business for 95 years, he said, and his love and incorporation of the black diamond is inspired by his mom and grandmom. Here’s a photo of the handsome Azature, signing my bottle of Azature Canary:

Right now, the Azature nail polish line is a collection of colorful, shimmery polishes in jewel-toned hues – like green, red, pink – and even a $25 version of the original black diamond nail polish. The brand will soon be launching six new colors, along with a base coat and top coat, and plans to have about 30 colors in the line by the holidays, a brand rep told me. I saw the six new shades, but Azature asked me not to photograph so I will keep them under wraps for now!

The line celebrates women and the idea that all women deserve to own a diamond. I can get on board with that. Here’s the black diamond in my bottle of Azature Canary:

How about some swatches?!

The glass-flecked polish does have some duochrome effect in certain lighting; it’s got a hidden green shimmer to it that peeks out in that last picture.

This is shown in two coats, and I still have VNL, but that’s alright. I might wear it over a white base to make it pop. I also like it on its own, it’s quite nice. I did not use top coat for my pictures, either.

I had no trouble applying the polish, the formula was fine. The handle is a good length and the brush is easy to work with. It’s a medium width and I had little cleanup after application.

At $25 a pop, Azature is a higher-end nail polish that I’ll treat myself to on occasion (or can I say, in Tom Haverford style, “Treat yo self!”). But I would love to own more of these polishes. It’s not just the polish I like, it’s the concept and the back story.

What are your thoughts on Azature and the black diamond nail polish – are you curious to own one of these polishes?!

Disclaimer: I purchased Azature Yellow Diamond. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how keeps it real!