Avon Ultra Color Rich Rubies Lipsticks – Limited Edition

Sitting at the kitchen table at night, after dinner, carefully (aka pretty messily) painting my nails with a bottle of Parfait or Wet n’ Wild nail polish when I was a 9-year-old is my earliest childhood nail polish memory. But when I think back to my first lipstick memory, it’s hard to say. Does my obsession with Bonnie Bell Lipsmackers count? Because that started when I was, like, 5-years-old!

I clearly remember my mom allowing me to pick out lipstick from our local Woolworth’s (it was a five-and-dime on the main drag in our town that had a luncheonette counter – it was very 1950s!) I was about the same age as I was when I first started applying my own nail polish at the table, but I wasn’t allowed to pick out anything bold, and at the time I was a girly child obsessed with pink, so I choose very light and often frosty pinks. I can’t remember my actual first, but I remember the thrill of picking out a new lipstick at that age, and how I couldn’t wait to be a teenager so I could wear some of the brighter colors on display.

I don’t know why, but as I sat down to write this post about Avon lippies, this memory was what I came up with. Avon just speaks nostalgia to me. Perhaps because my family used Avon and I remember my aunts and grandmother wearing Avon cosmetics and scents. I have Christmas earrings from Avon that I got when I was about the same age as I was using nail polish, and I still wear them, every year!

I really don’t know. But Avon never lets me down when I make a cosmetic pick.

This time, because I loved the limited edition Ultra Color Rich 24K Gold lipsticks Avon made two or three years ago, I ordered five of their new Ultra Color Rich Rubies Lipsticks, which are also limited edition. I have swatches and reviews of four of my five (honestly? I wore the fifth one first, forgot to take pictures and said aw screw it. I’m lazy!)!

Here’s a back-of-hand swatch shot, in sun:

From left to right: Fuchsia Fame, Imperial Pink, Majestic Mauve and Noble Nude

And in the shade:

Check out the lipstick, and Avon engraved in it:

All these lipsticks are hopped-up on a magenta shimmer that gives them a beautiful glow on the lips!

Noble Nude:

Noble Nude is a pinky nude with lots of “Rubies” sparkle in it. This shade is perfect to pair with bolder eyes, as well as work-appropriate looks like this one. My pictures don’t do it justice!

Majestic Mauve:

Majestic Mauve is a gorgeous mauve pink with that shimmer – can you see some of the color shift on my lip swatch? Beautiful!

Imperial Pink:

 Imperial Pink is a soft pink with the “Rubies” shimmer. I also love pinks like this for bolder eye looks, but here I’m wearing it to complement my work outfit.

Fuchsia Fame:

Fuchsia Fame is probably my favorite of the bunch, honestly! Look at how bright it is! I love being able to pull this one off.

All of these lippies were creamy to apply. I applied them in the morning while getting ready for work, so in the 7 a.m. hour. I reapplied at lunch but my lips started to feel a bit dry an hour or so before that and sometimes I reapplied early. Even though color was still there, I wanted my lips to feel luxe! 

The classic shape of the lipstick head is optimal for me and application, so no complaints there!

I love the limited edition lipsticks, and I really enjoy Avon’s lipsticks in general. I own mostly the Ultra Color Rich line – the regular line, Gold and now Rubies. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next – I’d love to see them do a Sapphires line, with blue sparkle adding an undertone to pinks, reds and nudes. Wouldn’t that be cool!?

These lippies are $8 on the Avon site. I’d put a link here but if you have an Avon rep or would rather shop online from their site, do that! 

What do you think of these lipsticks? Have you tried them out too? Which one from above do you like best?! Share your thoughts below!