Anastasia Beverly Hills Hypercolor Brow & Hair Powder

 I’ve always wanted to dye my hair something colorful. I dream of having ombre blue hair, or blues and purples. Or a pink streak. Something fun.

But I missed my opportunity in college, and there was no way my mother would let me dye my hair, period, in high school! Now, I keep my hair tame out of respect for my corporate career.

But I do get time off on the weekends, right?! And this past weekend, I had some fun experimenting with Anastasia Beverly Hills’ new Hypercolor Brow & Hair Powder!

First thing I noticed about this product was the insanely holographic packaging – I haven’t even been able to bring myself to toss the box it came in – do you see that box?! So cool!

I tried the powder in Teal Tornado:

It also comes in Electric Blue, Mega Watt Green, In The Pink and Ultra Violet. All but In the Pink are usable on the brows.

The powder includes pigment-rich oxides for intense color, silicone that allows the powder to glide on hair and kaolin clay that provides great coverage and gives an ultra-fine texture and absorbs excess oils.

I gave it two test drives, once on my hair and eyebrows, and then again on my hair the next day. I tried it on curly scrunched hair, and straight hair!

How I applied it to my hair

I prepared with the following tools:

  • A triangular cosmetic sponge
  • The hair powder
  • Small hair clip
  • Top that I could get powder on and not care!

First thing I did was clip back part of my hair, and separate a piece for coloring.

I took the cosmetic sponge to one side of the hair piece, and put the powder against the hair on the other side, and I pressed the two together and slid it down my hair.

It was THAT easy.

I also took some powder on the cosmetic sponge and touched up to my root on the pieces of hair I colored.

I was feeling sassy this day, and swatching lipsticks, so I tried a black lipstick with a duochrome purple/pink lip gloss over it – and the lip result is a really cool purple, that looked really neat with my hair!

I didn’t use gloves, and I got the powder all over my hands. But it washed off so easily! I tossed the cosmetic sponge.

You can set the look with hairspray.

I wasn’t in love with the larger streaks of color, so I decided to try it again on my hair in smaller streaks, and while my hair was straight. Here’s day two, my straight hair, with smaller streaks:

I really loved how this looked, and so did Mike!

How I applied it to my eyebrows

Using the powder on my eyebrows was easy. I prepped them with wax from one of my eyebrow kits. Then I took an angled brush, dipped it into the powder, and applied to my brows. It went on so easily with little fall out!

If I’d done up my eye makeup in a really cool way, this would have been even cooler.

You can set the brow color with clear brow gel. I didn’t set it and it lasted until I wiped it off with eye makeup remover.

You can also use these – except In the Pink – as eye shadow or eyeliner (Anastasia recommends using its Lash Genius to make it a waterproof liner)!

The powder easily washed out of my hair the next morning, both times.

For anyone looking to experiment with hair color, or who is a weekend hair color warrior like I am, this is a great option! I have already seen it for sale at Ulta, for $12.50 in the U.S. ($16 in Canada). You can also purchase it on Anastasia’s website.

Have you seen these powders yet? Tried any?! What do you think?! I want to get one of every color now!!

Disclaimer: The Hypercolor Brow and Hair Powder was provided to me for review by the PR Firm/Manufacturer. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how keeps it real!