An Interview with Sydney of Horse Crazy Girls

I recently met Sydney of Horse Crazy Girls and she agreed to an interview! It is exciting to have her for several reasons, not the least of which is that she is 15 years old and running her own successful online business! I also love the fact that she partners with her mom, Gerri and that I finally have someone to complain with talk to about how few Facebook likes we have! It’s good to have someone who understands – ya know?!?

horse crazy girls

Hey everybody! Meet Sydney!

There is no doubt in my mind that there are many teens out there who are passionate about something in their life and they could turn it into an amazing business opportunity! Take a look at what Sydney is doing. I sure hope it sparks an idea and maybe you will consider what you could do to have your own site!

Me: Other than loving horses can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you spend your time?

Sydney: I like to spend my free time at the barn with my horse Sinatra and my dog Sampson.  I like to either groom my horse, ride him, or just feed him treats.  When I’m not at the barn I’m at home working on school work and studying.  I’m 15, in high school, love all animals, food, and my site. I also love to read. If I find a good series I have to finish them all!

Me: How old were you when you started your website? Why did you start it?

Sydney: My mom and I started the website when I was 9.  She wanted to try out Sitesell for building a website and I wanted a place to share horse games and pictures and everything else I love to do online.

Me: Can you tell us a little bit about

Sydney: It is designed to be a place for horsecrazy girls to come together and share their love of this beautiful animal.

Me: Did you ever imagine that your site would turn into such a popular place for girls who love horses?

Sydney: We always hoped that the site would do well but never on a level like this.  It took off pretty quickly and it’s been hard to keep up at times. As I am getting older I’m spending more and more time on it. I am really excited to continue to grow the site and see where it can go!

horse crazy girls

Sydney and Sinatra!

Me: Do you have your own horse? If so, can you tell us how much that costs and how you manage the expense of having a horse?

Sydney: I do have my own horse and he is very handsome I must say! We have to board him since we live in town, we pay for lessons, and the farrier comes every six weeks (he wears four shoes) and those three things run almost $1200 a month. Then we have supplements, hoof treatments (when it rains it does a number of feet here because it gets so wet), shots, dewormer and a bunch of other smallish things like that but they add up.

My saddle was $1600 – and that was used. I have a good helmet because I jump and that was $400. So you can see how it can get expensive very quickly! It’s not cheap! My late aunt left an inheritance that helped me get my horse and keep him for the first year.

Me: Is this just a hobby or do you think of your site as a business?

Sydney: My site has been profitable from almost the start. Currently it is sort of a sideline business so to speak. However I have many plans in the works that we are hoping will turn it into a much bigger business. I want to go much further with the site and in my riding career!

Me: What is the biggest thing you have learned as this has developed into such a popular site?

Sydney: The biggest thing I have learned as my website had grown is that it can take a lot of time. I have someone who works on the site as a virtual assistant and without her I couldn’t keep up with my site plus school and riding.

Me: What are your goals for your business at this point?

Sydney: At this point my main goal for my site is to have it bring in enough income to pay for my very very expensive hobby.

horse crazy girls

Not only has Sydney created an amazing community over at she has also found a way for the site to help pay for the expenses of owning her own horse – talk about a win/win!

Me: What has been the hardest thing about maintaining your own site?

Sydney: The hardest thing about maintaining my own site is all the different things you have to do. Besides the site I am trying to grow social media on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and even Youtube. I always have more that I want to do than I have time for. It’s a lot! It’s also hard sometimes because some of the girls who follow the site will email me and I have to be very careful because there are laws to protect kid’s privacy.

Me: And my last question – what is your top tip for teens when it comes to saving money or spending money wisely?

Sydney: My top advice about saving money is, “Don’t own a horse.” But seriously if there’s something you want then you may have to give something else up. Know what you really want.

Wow. I had NO IDEA that having a horse was so super expensive. Sydney is a real inspiration because she has found a way to create a wonderful site for girls everywhere that is fun and informative AND it helps pay for some of her expenses as a horse owner. She and her mom are pretty amazing! 

I hope that you will go over and take a look at Sydney’s site While you are there be sure to check out her Halloween costume contest for horses – so cute! It is such a fun place and I can see why girls are visiting by the thousands. If you want to support Sydney’s business go and follow her on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram!

be centsible!