Alcone at Home

 Disclaimer: Press sample. See bottom for more.

There’s a new direct-sales cosmetic player in town!

Alcone at Home, started in 2012, is a social-selling business model from the industry-respected Alcone Company.

Alcone Company started in 1950 as a pharmacy that also sold cosmetics and false eyelashes to Broadway showgirls and starlettes, according to the company’s website. Alcone is family-owned, and still considered the place to go by makeup artists and celebrities around the world as the place to get hard-to-find cosmetics.

The folks behind Alcone Company took the best products used by makeup artists and the brand’s already successful business model and created Alcone at Home. The new line not only focuses on the most popular makeup sold through Alcone Company, but also offers organizational storage for makeup. Makeup is generally sold by the pan, and you can arrange your own palette in one of several magnetized palette options.

At The Makeup Show NYC a couple months ago, I had the opportunity to give some of these cosmetics a test drive, and an opportunity to join the team.

I haven’t joined the team – between blogging, wedding planning, freelancing and my career, I just don’t have the time – but the idea is much like other direct-sales company in how it’s set up.

To sign up, you can either choose to start a website for $9.95 a month, and receive commission on sales, or you can pay $590 for one month of your sales website free, and every one of the products in the Alcone at Home line as your kit, and other items as well (plus commission on sales).You also have an option to “add on” other products for $120 to your start-up.

I’ve worked with direct-sales companies before, like Thirty-One and Tupperware, and while I ended up putting the money I earned back into product, and really not profiting from the experiences, it was fun. I also know, in order to succeed at direct sales you have to be a self-motivated, outgoing person, and you have to believe in the product.

So, have you ever used Alcone makeup? Until this opportunity, I had no. And that’s a huge thing for me – I would want to try the products before signing up to sell them. I have a brief review of some of the products I had the opportunity to review, and if you’re considering selling – or even buying – Alcone at Home, I hope it helps!

Perfect Press Powder:

This powder is color-less, and I used it to finish off my face look and set things. It retails for $20 through the Alcone at Home website.

Creamy Lipstick:

From left to right: #3, #6, #8. These lipsticks are creamy, and there’s a brush in the palette to apply. I am not a fan of pan lipsticks, because they aren’t as easy to me as a tube, but these are nice, and they wear well.

You buy them individually, for $12 a pan, and the palette you see them in is $12, called the Travel Palette (it comes in 7 different patterns).

Perfect Eyeshadows and Perfect Blush:

The five Perfect Eye Shadows and Perfect Blush I have are in the brand’s Everything Palette, which retails for $14 and comes in 7 different patterns.

The eye shadows cost $12 a piece (top row, #1, #2, #14, two going down are #18 and #15) and there’s a range of 18 hues total. The blush is $18 a pan (# 4 shown) and there’s six colors to choose from.

I love this blush – it’s peachy shade with a subtle golden touch. It’s a really nice universal shade.

The eye shadows are great, as well. Easy to apply and well-pigmented. I have a look using them with the Alcone at Home eyeliner…

Perfect Eyeliner Pen:

The Perfect Eyeliner Pen retails for $18. Here’s a look I did with some of the shadows, and the eyeliner:

I liked the eyeliner, but honestly not as much as liquid eyeliner pens I can buy much cheaper at the drugstore; I found this one didn’t last in the corner of my eyes as long as my Holy Grail eyeliner pen, Jesse’s Girl Liquid Eyeliner Pen.

Here’s my arm, full of swatches of all the colors from my palettes together:

The eye shadows, blush, lipsticks and liner.

Overall, I love the concept, and I liked the products.

If I’m being honest, from a sales perspective, I’d be a little worried selling this line at the price point. $18 for a blush? $12 for a pan of lipstick? The quality might be up to snuff, and the brand well-respected, but if you’re conducting direct sales and going into the everyday woman’s household, I wonder how well the prices are going to go over for a brand that they may not have heard of? Like I said, someone selling the cosmetics is going to have to believe in the product, and being able to give demos is probably very key in selling the makeup – it will likely sell itself in that situation!

The palettes are a great deal. The different sizes and options are great for putting together your own Alcone at Home makeup palette, but also to manage some of your stash at home.

I’d love to see sales offered. Like a discount on a palette if you fill it, etc. I don’t see that opportunity on the site but who knows, it could be something offered through consultants if it’s offered.

Did you know about Alcone at Home? Have you tried it? I’d love to hear your thoughts below!

Disclaimer: The Alcone at Home products in this post were provided as part of a press sample offering at The Makeup Show NYC 2013. Please visit my Disclosure tab for more information on how keeps it real!