Airberlin Canceled Our Tickets | The Rest of The Story

Ber’s first trip to the US | Zion Nat’l Park

After what you might call the worst and longest bout of homesickness I’ve ever endured, On August 14th shortly before midnight, we finally purchased our much-contemplated plane tickets.

On August 15th our airline Airberlin filed for bankruptcy.

We weren’t worried at first. Not because we had travel insurance or anything smart like that, but because just as soon as their filing was known, so was the fact that Lufthansa wanted to buy them out. It seemed highly likely that everything would go on as normal, but under a different name. Still, the timing was eery and all we could do was just keep an eye on the proceedings.

Fast forward several weeks and they started canceling long-haul flights. Then they said they were canceling all of them except for ours and one other. Then the day came they said they were all canceled. The day before we were supposed to have flown out would be the last Airberlin ever flew that route.

There were no refunds for those who purchased their tickets before August 15th, and remember, we purchased ours 30 minutes before August 15th. However, at the extreme last minute we/my parents had booked them using my parent’s US credit card. Because of this, we were able to get a refund through the credit card company.

A week from yesterday we will be flying to the USA.

It’s already been a trip and we haven’t even left yet. But in the end we had it so much better than many folks. The ticket prices through other airlines were still reasonable, and we rebooked on a much better airline (and not just because it hasn’t gone bankrupt yet), still in time to catch our domestic flight once we land in The States.

Ber’s first trip to the US | Grand Canyon


This trip holds incredible significance for us.

It will be the first time I was “home” since almost two years ago: January 2016 for my little sister’s wedding.

It’s only the second time Ber will have been in The States. The first time was for two weeks in April of 2014 when he got to meet my parents.

It’s the first time he will get to visit two of my favorite states, Washington and Oregon.

It’s our first time in The States since we were married in May 2016.

It will be the first time my husband gets to meet my brother and one of my grandpas.

We will literally be traveling from coast to coast.

We will be meeting with friends and family all along the way who are hosting us, driving us, feeding us and making this all possible. I can’t expect to find words to help someone understand how good this feels to be going home, unless they’ve walked a similar path as me. Then they’d probably understand without words how much I look forward to seeing old familiar faces, treats, shops, and just enjoying familiarity itself in whatever form it takes. After so much change I know I’ve changed too. But without getting my hopes up too high, I guess I’m still hoping there’s a part of me which will feel like its still truly home somewhere in this world.

The Runaway Bride is tired of being on the run.

I haven’t lost my keen desire to travel or experience other cultures. Or at least I hope not. But I’m at that point a lot of explorers reach when they ask where is home and what does home mean for me. Home as it was back in the day, was never a place I ran away from. Home was I place I left, to runaway to and towards other things. It’s a subtle, but distinct difference in my mind, and an important acknowledgement to home and what it signifies. The unfamiliar excites, stretches, and challenges you. The familiar gives you the strength for it.

But we’re only packing one backpack each so there’s not much space. 😉

But in all seriousness, realistically I’m not sure how much realtime blogging I’ll do on the road, but I’m committing to journaling #BerandKayintheUSA on Instagram as the days and each mini-adventure goes by. I’m predicting more Tex-Mex food than needed to feed an army, surreal serene moments on the coast of Oregon, humor and chaos with my family, and lots of memory sharing and making with friends. Follow KaytheRunaway if you haven’t already. Something says to me this crazy story has only just begun.

PS… Help me build my travel playlist! Comment and let me know any fun songs to do with travel or not. Just any jams you like to listen to while you travel! (I like quite a mix of genres, so go ahead and try me.)

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Airberlin Canceled Our Tickets | The Rest of the Story