Adventuring Acadia National Park, Maine….Oh, and I’m ENGAGED!!


I am so excited to be back here with you! After not blogging for a week due to our East Coast road trip vacation, I can’t tell you how blog-opshere DEPRIVED I have been! The past week was so wonderful, but I have missed my early mornings with my coffee cup, laptop, and you guys!

. . . Okay, I can’t hold it in any longer… I’M ENGAGED!!!

Where to begin.

I guess I’ll start from the beginning.

East Coast Road Trip

Most of you who follow my blog regularly know that last week I was getting ready to leave for a cross country road-trip to the East Coast. As part of our 50 State Sign Challenge, Trevor had an East Coast road trip planned for the past six months in order for us to cross off more states off the list. (Which we did- 14 more!! Look for that blog post soon!)

We drove from Wisconsin all the way up to northern Maine and back. Our stops along our trip included (in order): Niagara Falls, Acadia National Park in northern Maine, Boston, Seaside Heights, New Jersey, and Washington D.C. It’s driving my OCD absolutely crazy that I’m choosing to blog about Day 2 of our trip before Day 1, but I don’t want to wait another second to tell you guys about the best day of my life!!

Exploring Acadia National Park, Maine

I have always been dying to pay Maine a visit because I have read that the terrain is very similar to Wisconsin. The land of the Lobster did not disappoint. Everything about the land was gorgeous. The green forests, the crashing waves against the rocky coast, the smell of sea salt lingering in the air. I’ve always been a water girl. Always have, always will. Some of my best memories date back to camping in northern Wisconsin with my family on the lake and days spent out on my family’s boat. Even though I have only been to an ocean twice prior to this trip, I am absolutely drawn to everything about the ocean. The immensity of the ocean and the sea creature life fascinates me. I just love everything about it!

We spent two nights camping in Acadia. The first day was spent setting up our camp site and exploring the scenery around us. We didn’t really prepare too well for camping, which was probably the biggest downside of our trip as a whole, but we made means with what we had! We both decided to not bring an air mattress with our tent because we already were bringing with us so many things for our other stops. I packed about 5 blankets and thought that would be sufficient. Stupid, stupid me. We ended up getting up in the middle of the night, freezing and our backs stiff from sleeping on the rocky turf. Needless to say, we slept in the car that night. Oh well. Live and learn, right! Next year, we will invest in an air mattress. And a lantern. And lighter fluid. LOL.

Our Special Day

For our second day at Acadia, Trevor planned for us to hike up Bubblers Trail to the North Bubble. According to his Google Maps research, Bubblers Point boasts a spectacular view at the top. Because the hike was only about 15 minutes, I decided to wear a light summer dress because I knew it would be a great place for us to take pictures. I’m so glad I decided to look halfway decent instead of wearing the other crappy sweats I had packed for camping! Little did I know what was coming in the near future…

When we got to the top, we enjoyed the beautiful view together.

I asked Trevor to take a picture of me overlooking the view. (GREAT Instagram opp, obvs!!)

He seemed to be taking forever to get a decent shot. I turned around to see what the heck was taking so long, and to my surprise, he was right behind me, down on one knee!! I don’t remember much about the actual moment because I was in shock and surprised! I just remember that his voice was super shaky as he stated, “Chelsea, I love you. Will you marry me?”

I was so caught off guard! I should have been expecting a proposal because I always knew that it would happen while traveling together, but I totally was not expecting it this early. Trevor was so nervous, I had to tell him to put the ring on my finger after I said yes! I was in such disbelief; it took me a couple of seconds to comprehend what was actually happening in the moment of the engagement. After the engagement, we hugged for what seemed like forever on top of that mountain. It was literally perfect, you guys! We had a couple hiking take the picture of us where it happened later after we had our privacy.

I literally could not have planned a more perfect moment or time. Everything was right about it, and how I always pictured it would happen. The perfect man, doing what we love together, overlooking a beautiful scenery. Trevor did such a good job planning for this day to be special for me.

Oh, and ABOUT THAT ROCK!!!!!!!!! Trevor could not have picked a more perfect ring for me! I literally cannot stop staring at it. I feel like I don’t deserve it!

But really, it’s not about the ring OR how we got engaged. It’s the fact that the man I love asked me to marry him, and I’m going to be his wife. Although I always knew I was going to be his wife, I keep looking at my ring in disbelief. Even now, a week later, I STILL cannot believe that I am engaged! I’m beyond ecstatic to marry my best friend and create a life together. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.

After leaving North Bubble, we spent the rest of the day at the beach! The water was freezing, but that didn’t stop us from swimming. Like I said, I’m a midwestern gal so these swimming in the ocean opportunities are limited! I often wonder if people who live by the coast take it for granted. I feel it is something I never simply could.

Upon nightfall, we sat on the rocky coast near our campsite and watched the waves crash against the land under a bright orange moon. I couldn’t get a picture of it on my iPhone, but the scene was gorgeous. We sat together cuddling, soaking in the happiness. I just remember thinking how I wished I could freeze that moment. It was just the perfect end to a perfect day. I felt so incredibly blessed and not worthy of how perfect the day was.

Thank you so much for letting me gush my heart out to you! I was so excited to share the news with my readers! I’ll be posting more about the rest of my trip in the weeks to come. This was only one stop out of several places along the way up the coast. I have SO much to write about, and I am SOOOO excited to show you the rest of my adventures! (P.S. You can get a sneak peak and check out my vacation pics on my Instagram!)

Thanks for reading and sharing my excitement with me!

Until next time, loves!